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I thought I’d have some fun with the DNC Rabid Attack Ad:

Amazing that the DNC believes their ad to be a winning strategy: Let’s characterize and flippantly dismiss concerned Americans on both sides of the political aisle as nothing more than torches-and-pitchforks-style rabble-rousers. Brilliant.

Thanks to skye for use of her photos and apologizes to Dana Loesch for pillaging her photos like the uncouth, ill-mannered mobster, that I am.

The ones who are “scripted” and “astroturfed” are the Democratic leaders out there following their “playbook”. Any “community organizing” on the part of the vast rightwing conspiracy of an honest-to-goodness- grassroots movement should be described more like Miracle-Gro than the manure-fractured outrage which the term “astroturfing” suggests.

How dare they condescend and dismiss the concerns of real ordinary Americans! The reason why some of these “mob” citizens resort to anger and “shouting down” is because they already tried listening and reasoning with their congressional leader, and all they are getting back in return are DNC-talking points and pre-scripted answers. The Dem leaders aren’t engaged in debate and conversation but following their own Pelosified marching orders; they aren’t talking to their constituents, but at them.

Meet the mob.

Someone should make one of those “I’m with stupid ->” style t-shirts, but saying “I’m with the mob” with arrows pointing every which direction. Oh, and bring along some (cardboard/fake) torches and pitchforks.

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