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horakovaThe picture above shows Milada Horakova, a really dangerous-looking elderly lady who was a Czech dissident put to death after a Soviet show trial simply for disagreeing

This is just a short observation on the White House’s campaign against the citizens’ anger expressed at Town Halls this month about Obama-care.  Many have pointed out in the last 48 hours that this is a page right out of the Saul Alinsky ‘community organizing’ book:  attack, mock and marginalize those who might stand in your way.  That’s true enough.  But its similarity to another Marxist tradition rang a bell with me.

In the Soviet Union, they used to have ‘show trials’.  The victim was already doomed to death or gulag.  The purpose was propaganda.  In virtually all cases there was no truth whatsoever to the allegations, but Marxism is never about truth, it is about power.  What was truly ironic about all this was that the secret state, the Comintern and the KGB actually did all the crimes of which the victims were accused and yet were innocent!  The Soviets were the ones conspiring behind the scenes, intimidating, etc.

This knee-jerk reaction on the part of the White House betrays Marxist muscle memory.  The SHOW TRIALS railroaded people by the dictum ‘Accuse the victim of what you’re doing’ and that’s exactly what they’re trying to do in these TOWN HALLS.

How interesting is it that the ‘community-organizer-in-chief’ and his forces are accusing the ordinary citizens at the town hall meetings of organized, disruptive behavior, of trying to achieve political ends by subversive means.  Isn’t it painfully obvious that this behavior is at the very CORE of the identity of ACORN and all the other far-left activists who engage in ‘community organizing’?

I feel very confident that the vast majority of these people this month were not ‘bussed in’ or paid to disrupt the meetings.  They are just ordinary people, many of them Democrats, who are justifiably fed up.  On the other hand, the very behavior falsely attributed to the town hall attendees is exactly what ACORN and their ilk has done, by their own admission.  Their PLAN is always to hire claques of haranguers to harass and intimidate, not to ASK QUESTIONS like the people at the town halls did.

The bottom line is, in the Marxist tradition, they are accusing their victims of doing exactly what they are doing, despite the fact there is no truth in the accusation.  The one difference is that Obama and his Communist Czar and his Marxist Czars haven’t quite got totalitarian control yet.

I’m just saying….

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