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Forget [ignore] for a moment that Democrats have a supermajority in Congress, control the White House, and that most of the media directly parrots their message without apprehension (I actually saw Howard Dean HOSTING a show the other day on a cable “NEWS” network). Forget [ignore] that with total unchecked power Democrats are responsible for changing/fixing/screwing-up anything and everything in DC now. Instead, let’s focus on the mating call of the Australian Lady Gouldian grass finch…or the rantings of people on the political right of the spectrum…both of which are equally important to today’s political success/failure in DC.

There’s been huge amounts of attention from the left given to so called, “Birthers”; people who want to see documentation about President Obama’s birth. Why? Who cares? It’s completely irrelevant to what gets done or doesn’t by Democrats in DC with a supermajority. So…what’s the objective in focusing on the Birthers? There can be no other objective than to distract from what’s going on in DC, and what succeeds/fails in DC is completely up to the Democrats with their supermajority-period.

Then why do the Birthers make the left wig out so much if they’re so irrelevant? I believe it’s because it reminds the left that their entire political motivation for the past 11 yrs has been based on conspiracy theories that were as weak or infinitely more weak than that of the Birthers’.

It reminds them of all the conspiracy theories they’ve bought since 98;

the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy (not a bj from an intern)
the election stolen by Fox News and big oil payoffs to Supreme Court
Bush was AWOL and Dan Rather has docs to prove it
Bush wasted a govt surplus when he took office
911-inside job to provide excuse for invading Iraq
911-Bush Knew and let it happen
911-no plane hit Pentagon
911-explosives not fire melting steel
911-the Joos did it
911-Building 7 was blown up to cover up the evidence of the U.S. attack on the U.S.
Bush LET Osama get away in Tora Bora
Iraq- 17-month Rush to war
Iraq-never a WMD threat
Iraq-Bush knew there were no stockpiles of WMD
Iraq-Bush wanted to avenge daddy
Iraq-Bush was told by God to invade Iraq
Iraq-3million civilians killed; mostly by trigger happy, racist, redneck grunts who cling to guns and God when they get home
Iraq-no ties at all to AQ
Iraq-nothing to do w War on Terror
Iraq just blood for Daddy’s oil friends
Iraq-a Dick Cheney/Haliburton retirement fund gimmick
Iraq-gonna draft if Bush is re-elected in 04
Iran-Bush is gonna bomb Iran in June 05 if re-elected (thank you Scott Ritter)
Iran-has a right to nukes, doesn’t have nukes, doesn’t want nukes, and could be trusted w nukes
Iran-Bush will invade because Joos control him and want to use him to takeover the world
2004 Bush refused to sign Kyoto so 4 hurricanes in 1yr are his fault (saw a billboard of this one in Fla)
2005 Bush did nothing for New Orleans when Katrina hit because he hates black people
2006 Democrats will end the war in Iraq
2006 Democrats will end deficit spending
2006 Democrats will balance budget
2006 Democrats will fix healthcare
2006 Democrats will lower gas prices
2007-2009 everything is Bush’s fault even though he’s a lame duck

All of those conspiracy theories require the fitting of a tight tinfoil hat, and yet they’re not only permitted more than the Birthers’ conspiracy theory, no, they’re ADVOCATED by the Democratic Party, its leaders, and leading members of Congress, Presidents, Presidential candidates, and of course entire news networks (NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN), newspapers (New York Times, LA Times, Chicago Trib, etc), and magazines (TIME, NEWSWEEK, MOTHER JONES). To believe the history that the DNC has created as a means to gaining the total, unchecked power they have today, we are told that this long list of conspiracy theories has merit-no matter how insane, and yet…the Birthers (wacko or not) are to be flogged, mocked, ridiculed ad nauseum.

Ironic, sad, but it does serve its purpose: to distract from the Democratic Party’s latest round of broken promises and political duplicity. That’s all the discussion about Birthers is in the end: a distraction as substantive and worthy as a debate about the Australian Lady Gouldian grass finch’s mating call (whether it tucks its beak in and hops or hops, and then tucks its beak in); totally moot.

Look, I’m not a Birther. All I’m saying is they shouldn’t be mocked by people who have so heartily and deeply embraced so many debunked conspiracy theories themselves. That’s all.

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