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A serious H/T is needed here to the Naked Emperor News video news site for compiling the various news clips, and tying the gang of ethics complainants together in a tidy little package with a bow.

[Mata Musing: Naked Emperor is one upping themselves here, as they were also responsible for digging up all of Obama’s historic statements on what he *really* wants for America’s health care… a single payer system.]

Naked Emperor posted their “EthicsGate” YouTube link, and the Alaskan Bloggers again ganged up to get it removed from YouTube. This would be the same group that whined when Palin fingered them, and are now circling the wagons around the “divorce rumor” source; outed kindergarten/elementary school assistant teacher with a penchant for vicious gossip, Jesse Griffin… aka Gryphen.

There’s a notice/disclaimer on their site:

Naked Emperor notice

Well, it may be a “national story” anyway. Because a renegade poster – underbird – put the video back up. To protect Curt and Flopping Aces from any impropriety, I’m merely going to provide the link to the YouTube for now…. which may or may not be working.

I’ll leave it up to Curt if he wants to replace it with an embedded version. I suggest you click on the link quick… as those portrayed are most certainly not happy at being outed.

[Mata Musing: welll, I guess Curt wanted it embedded afterall! LOL]

Just as a reminder … the players in the ethics complaints also appearing in the video. You’ll find them recurring over and over. Refresh your memories by reading the Alinsky Perfected series.

Troopergate’s Legislative Investigation, led by Kim Elton, Alaska Dem Senator… close friends with Obama Sr. advisor, Pete Rouse. Plus former Gov. Tony Knowles, forming a neat political triangle.

Linda Kellen Biegel, Deputy Treasurer of Alaskans for Truth

Kim Chatman, “independent concerned Alaskan”…

Valerie Henning (wife of Zane Henning, who filed a complaint)

Sondra Thompkins, “independent concerned Alaskan”…

And the blogger/radio media cheerleaders who gave them face and air time, Shannyn Moore; Jeanne “Mudflats” Devon (big supporter of Andree McLeod); and Camille Conte (aka CC), chairman of the Alaskans for Truth and host of “Demo Memo” radio show where they discussed revenge strategy on air, trumped up stories together about rape stats that did not reflect the truth.


UPDATE: Aug 3rd, PM

Jeanne “Mudflats” Devon has taken to her own Alinsky brand of ammo for damage control in response to Naked Emperor’s video… by embedding the video herself as bold “proof” the “cabal” fears not it’s public view.

I found it particularly Interesting she uses a player that does not allow that same video to be shared, or allow the user to pick up the embed code. Was that deliberate, in order to keep the video confined to her own adoring following? Or was she unaware that YouTube has a share-friendly version? Who knows… much more important, who cares. But it was a notable observation that belies her “here it is, I’m not afraid!” attempt.

Ms. Mudflats weaves a rather listless and condescending tale – which she calls a parable – of good guy “village scribes” (aka the Alaskan progressive blogging cabal) and “those guys” from the hills.

You know the ones. Every once in a while, one of them wanders through town, all disheveled and wide-eyed and muttering something about how the Ruler of the Land is illegitimate because he was actually born on some other planet, and how his alien socialist kin are going to take over the world, and turn us all into mindless drones, and how we’re all either too stupid to see the real truth, or we’re in cahoots with the aliens on the mother ship. THOSE guys.

I think you get who plays the bad guy here… I suppose the fact escapes her that most conservatives critical of their gutteral “reporting” are just as critical of the on-the-edge birthers. But that wouldn’t make for as interesting of an already long and boring tale, would it?

To make a lengthy “parable without a moral” story shorter (and thereby considerably more palatable), Mudflats uses the classic Alinsky “ridicule” tack as her defense. That boils down to something like this… and I paraphrase her three paragraphs… “sure we know each other… duh”.

Knowing each other was never the issue. What was the issue was orchestration, aiding and abetting to waste Alaskan taxpayers tax dollars to “… be a pain in her [Palin’s] butt” (that’s somewhere around the 10 minute mark, I believe…).

It was also uplifting to hear their elected officials encourage the cabal to play dirty – especially considering the irony that is was the cabal who first began to play in the dirt with leaks and smut during the Legislative Investigation. That would be the investigation headed by a guy who just happened to end up in the Obama admin.

Then of course, there’s all that back and forth between the “independent” Kim Chatman with Celtic Diva (aka Linda Kellen Biegel, with already one failed complaint to her name). And how CD – not too bright a light bulb evidently – documents her research on the legal defense fund, passes the data on to Chatman who files the complaint, and then “breaks” the news. All unethically with the confidentiality rules, of course.

Naw… no orchestration there.

It’s a small town. One expects those of like mind to know each other, and be active in the same political organizations.

By the same token, it’s just as large an expectation to assume these same political comrades coordinate their political attacks and agenda. And *therein* lies the story the above video tells.

Now that we have the bottom feeders inextricably linked, the next question is did that obvious local coordination for peevish and expensive complaints get as high as Pete Rouse, David Axelrod and Obama?