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A left wing version of Protest Warrior:

I suggest the term “dirt-baggers.” They can’t hear the term “tea party” without tittering like Beavis and Butthead over their inside knowledge of gay sexual practices that can be found on the very same page of their urban dictionaries. Oooh, that’s clever. Retards.

The Iranian fellow holding the dirt-bag sign doesn’t care that every one of the thousand plus Tea Partiers in attendance was on the side of the democracy protestors in Iran while his hero Obama just wants Ahmadinijad and Khamenei to lock down their gulag state as quietly as possible.

More of the leftist version of clever:

Conservatives say they dig this Jesus guy see, but since conservatives are anti-communist, they are actually anti-poor, because us commies are pro-poor.

Yes, communism is so pro-poor it makes everyone poor. We are getting to learn that one for ourselves.

REAL Protest Warriors are not just genuinely clever, they are right

Here is how it is supposed to be done:

The first Protest Warrior sign: not foul minded, no meretricious cant, just some obvious truth-telling that unmasks the pious frauds of the left.

The only redeeming quality of the San Jose dirt-baggers was the pretend false flag. Other dirt-baggers had called for genuine false-flag operations, so some of us knew to be on watch for leftists spouting genuinely hateful messages that the press could use to tar the real Tea Partiers.

Our dirtbaggers were not of this slanderous ilk. Their trick was just to put stinkbombs up the noses of unsuspecting readers. Any passerby expecting to read one of the usual insightful Tea Party signs was treated instead to a revolting whiff of dirt and dishonesty, apprising them immediately that these were Obamatons.

The closest I heard them come to actual false-flag activity was shouting: “Commit genocide! Kill all the Palestinians!” It would take a Jennifer Loven paraphrase to tar the Tea Partiers with that one. I can see it now: “Some demonstrators called for the extermination of Arabs and Muslims.”

What’s your sign?

The left-right difference in counter-protest signs follows the left-right difference in protest signs. The liberty-loving wit of the Tea Party signs is a revealing contrast to the foul minded garbage one sees at left-wing protests.

Choose your side. This freedom loving family:

Vs. these world-class dirtbags (from the San Francisco Global Day of Action protest, March 2004, via Zombie):

A couple of my Tea Party signs:


Modeled on Patriot Depot’s “Wrong Way” bumper stickers, but using the actual template for a wrong way sign.

Rolling your own

Click here for a PDF version of my Wrong Way sign that you can print out any size. If you set “page scaling” in the print window to “tile all pages” and “tile scale” to 200%, you should get a print-out on six letter-size sheets that fits a standard 22”x28” poster-board. Just trim the overlaps and apply glue-stick.

For added rigidity, make two and staple one poster to each side of a stick, then staple the edges of the two sides together, working your way in towards the stick. This will tension the sign so that it can stand up to a mild wind without bending.

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