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As if creating Czars to control vast sectors of our country, firing Inspector Generals when they don’t give a pass to his policies, and transferring the controls of the Census from where it should be to his Administration wasn’t enough evidence that the man doesn’t care what kind of promises he made yesterday, because it was all to get elected. Now that he is in power he just utters “nevermind.”

Via Hot Air comes this reminder of what candidate Obama said about the use of Presidential Signing Statements:

Questioner: When Congress offers you a bill, do you promise not to use Presidential signage to get your way?

Obama: Yes

Obama: What George Bush has been trying to do as part of his effort to accumulate more power in the presidency is he’s been saying ‘well I can basically change what Congress passed by attaching a letter saying I don’t agree with this part or I don’t agree with that part, I’m gonna choose to interpret it this way or that way…uh, that’s not part of his power. But this is part of the whole theory of George Bush that he can make laws as he’s going along. I disagree with that. I taught the constitution for 10 years. I believe in the constitution, and I will obey the Constitution of the United States. We’re not going to use signing statements as a way of doing an end-run around Congress….alright.


The House rebuked President Obama for trying to ignore restrictions to international aid payments, voting overwhelmingly for an amendment forcing the administration to abide by its constraints.

House members approved an amendment by a 429-2 vote to have the Obama administration pressure the World Bank to strengthen labor and environmental standards and require a Treasury Department report on World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) activities. The amendment to a 2010 funding bill for the State Department and foreign operations was proposed by Rep. Kay Granger (R-Texas), but it received broad bipartisan support.

The conditions on World Bank and IMF funding were part of the $106 billion war supplemental bill that was passed last month. Obama, in a statement made as he signed the bill, said that he would ignore the conditions.

They would “interfere with my constitutional authority to conduct foreign relations by directing the Executive to take certain positions in negotiations or discussions with international organizations and foreign governments, or by requiring consultation with the Congress prior to such negotiations or discussions,” Obama said in the signing statement.

Taught the Constitution for 10 years but still feels it’s a-ok to create those Czars and fire IG’s on a whim? Whatev….

And now after raking Bush over the coals for the audacity to issue signing statements what does he do?

Issue signing statements.

Obama voters = Suckers!

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