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Most of the authors here at Flopping Aces have a genuine distaste for polls. When they showed support for things we supported we didn’t like them anymore then when it was vice versa since 1000 people do not speak for millions. But over the years many on the left have lived and died by them. What do they say to this? (h/t The Strata Sphere)

President Obama’s job approval in Ohio has dropped significantly in the last two months, dipping under the 50% mark for the first time, according to a new poll by Quinnipiac University. In the last Quinnipiac poll in Ohio taken in early May, Obama enjoyed a healthy 62% job approval rating, with only 31% disapproving. Today, Obama’s job approval stands at 49%, with 44% disapproving – a twenty-five point net drop in just eight weeks.

Not surprsingly, Obama has seen a corresponding drop among voters’ approval of his handling of the economy: two months ago he had a net +21 approval (57/36), today it is -2 (46/48).