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While people get ready to spend their time and money to honor a twisted individual who could sing, Michael Jackson, nary a peep comes from most of the country about Obama voting present as Iran cracks down even harder on those wanting a free and fair election.

Guess that’s what should be expected when 52% of this country fall victim to one of the great swindlers of our time.

Michael Ledeen:

The Iranian tyrant, Ali Khamenei, told his cluster of top advisers two days ago that it was time to totally shut down the protests, and he ordered that any and all demonstrators, regardless of their status, be arrested (although there is no longer room for new prisoners in Tehran’s jails;  they are now using sports arenas as holding areas).  He further ordered that all satellite dishes be taken down (good luck with that one;  there are probably millions of them in Tehran alone). He ordered that the crackdown be done at night, to avoid all those annoying videos.  By Sunday night, hundreds of new arrests had been made, including the regime’s favorite targets:  students, intellectuals, and journalists.

His deadline:  July 11th.  He told his minions that if that were accomplished, the rest of the world would come crawling to him.

He may be right about most of the rest of the world, which has distinguished itself by its fecklessness, but he is certainly not right about his own people, who have sabotaged a major petroleum pipeline in Lurestan, and who are planning to go on strike in the next few days.  I don’t know the provenance of the people who hit the pipeline (perhaps the fact that the political desk of the Tehran Times reported it is significant), but calls for strikes, building towards a big demonstration on July 9th, come from Mousavi, Karroubi and Khatami.

Even a group of clerics in the city of Qom have come out and called the election and the “winners” illegitimate.

That’s pretty big news, and signs that a major crack in the earth is opening up and what do we get from the one?

Unfortunately, our own leaders in the United States are not doing all that they could to capitalize on this unprecedented opportunity to deal a lethal blow to radical Islam. The only action the Obama administration is taking is to sell out Honduras to socialist dictatorship. As for Iran, both President Obama and Vice-President Biden declare that they are still seeking an “engagement” with the blood-soaked military junta in Tehran.

In an interview with The New York Times, a day before his scheduled departure for Moscow on Sunday, Mr. Obama said he had “grave concern” about the arrests and intimidation of Iran’s opposition leaders, but insisted, as he has throughout the Iranian crisis, that the repression would not close the door on negotiations with the Iranian government.

Sorry, no other word to describe this other then cowardly. He doesn’t have the balls nor the fortitude to chose the side that only wants their votes heard. He’s proven his inability to lead in Iran and now Honduras. And now we are the laughing stock of the world. A once great power who led the world towards Democracy is now sitting on the sidelines waiting to find out who wins…THEN he will tell the world that he sided with the winner all along, he just didn’t want to be a nuisance you see.

What a coward.

Michael Ledeen again:

Meanwhile, the American Government was sending conflicting signals to Tehran.  On the one hand, it seems that Obama will be going to the upcoming G8 conference with a request that there be no new sanctions on Iran.  This comes at a time when the Europeans, for the first time, seem inclined to get at least a little bit tougher on the mullahs, and it effectively demolishes the myth that this administration intends to do anything to support the Iranian people in their life and death struggle for freedom (perhaps this should not surprise us;  after all, Obama’s 4th of July message did not contain the word “freedom,” but it did talk a lot about his own legislative proposals).  At the same time, Vice President Joe Biden three times said the United States would do nothing to prevent an Israeli attack against Iranian nuclear targets.

So apparently we’re prepared to let the Israelis do our dirty work. A real standup sort of policy.


Meanwhile Iran executes dozens:

The state-run Fars news agency reported that 20 people were hanged at the Karaj prison west of the capital on Saturday, and another 14 executions elsewhere in Iran have been reported by state media since Wednesday, including six hangings at Teheran’s Evin Prison. Many of those executed have been described in state media as drug traffickers – a charge often leveled at dissidents.

Iranian police say that about 1,000 people have been detained for involvement in the public protests that erupted after June 12 presidential elections.

But the Iranians continue to fight:

Reza Aslan reports that opposition leaders in Iran are planning a three-day strike to be carried out under the cover of a religious holiday. Now if only Iranians can get the rest of us to care.

But the pedo needs to be buried and honored for….singing. Can’t take time away from that you see. Can’t get Obama to care since he couldn’t take a stand if he had a gun to his head.

What a joke.

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