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New heights in chutzpah from the Oval Office… Hot BBC article with a video of the big Zero labeling the Honduras removal of a President, ignoring rule of law, as “illegal”. Let me get this straight… Iran’s stolen elections are legitimized by the Ayatollah’s certification, flying serious excrement in the face of reality; and the legal removal of a law-breaking SOB as Honduras President (and replacement of their next in command) per their law is not?

BBC video of Obama “illegal” statement

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Per their accompanying article:

US President Barack Obama has described the removal of Honduran President Manuel Zelaya as illegal.

His remarks came after left-wing Latin American leaders declared their support for the deposed leader, who was expelled by the military on Sunday.


Our correspondent says that even though the international community regards the exiled leader as the legitimate leader of the country, any comeback will not be easy.

Speaking after a meeting with Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, Mr Obama said Mr Zelaya remained the democratically-elected leader of Honduras.

And he said a “terrible precedent” would be set if the coup were not reversed.

Earlier on Monday, speaking in Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez spelled out his opposition to the situation in Honduras.

“We cannot allow a return to the past. We will not permit it,” Mr Chavez said.

He spoke after talks with Mr Zelaya, President Rafael Correa of Ecuador and Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega.

Sorry… but what was that about meddling again?

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