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What a joke…

The Iranian leader compared the US position with what he claimed was the more sinister role played by Britain. He said the UK had meddled in the aftermath of the disputed election and cautioned Mr Obama not to replicate the approach.

“They already have a bad record in these matters,” he said, describing Downing Street as being run by “political retards”. “But why did the US president fall into their trap?

“I hope you [Mr Obama] will avoid interfering in Iran’s affairs and express regret in a way that the Iranian people are informed of it,” Mr Ahmadinejad said. “Will you use this language with Iran? If this is your stance, there will be nothing left to talk about.”

He advised Mr Obama to demonstrate he was different from his predecessor President George W Bush: “Do you think this behaviour will solve the problem for you? This will not have any result except that the people will consider you somebody similar to Bush.”

Uh huh… he says virtually nothing, and still Iran postures. Were this not so predictable and obvious, it would be hilarious. Yeah.. negotiate with this loser… illegitimate and downright insane to boot. New American policy under Obama… we *do* recognize propped up dictators, and negotiate with terrorists and illegitimate regimes.

In the meantime, the crackdown intensifies as the regime locks up academics at Universities who “…were believed to be among a group that has been pushing for a more liberal form of government.” Yes, folks… it’s criminal to have a dissenting opinion in Iran.

The ball’s in the appeaser-in-chief’s corner, now.

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