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Wow….now this is some decisive leadership eh? (h/t Weasel Zippers)

The Obama administration might reevaluate its stance toward Iran if the violent crackdowns on dissidents were to escalate, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Tuesday.

“Well, obviously, we are watching the events each and every day here at the White House,” Gibbs said during his appearance on Fox News.

The White House spokesman said that if an escalation were to take place along the lines of China’s Tiananmen Square Massacre — an event to which Republicans critical of President Obama have compared the Iranian protests — then the administration would take another look at their stance.

“Obviously, if a tremendous escalation happened — if tanks happened — obviously, we would evaluate that immediately,” Gibbs said.

During Poland Ronald Reagan went on nationally televised and gave a speech that ended with this:

“I want to emphatically state tonight that if the outrages in Poland do not cease we cannot, and will not, conduct business as usual with the perpetrators and those who aid and abet them”
– Ronald Reagan

What do we get from Obama? Outings with his family and a bunch of hemming and hawing. “Well if it REALLY REALLY escalates then we will do something.”

The Iranian youth have risen up, as we had hoped they would do for decades now, and our President waffled. His backers made the excuse up that if he was to get involved it would cause more mayhem. But mayhem happened anyway….as Mataharley noted in her most excellent comment here:

As time has revealed, and as I predicted (or as you put it, in my “defense”), all of the above comes to fruition *without* Obama demonstrating any balls in leadership. Therefore your crystal ball is filled with sewage, and your quick agreement to ignore our values and remain diplomatically neutral has been proven to be an exercise in naivety.The “tragic” happens despite his tiptoeing around a stand for our values of freedoms. But compounding the “tragic” is Iranians in the streets, putting their lives on the line, waiting and “hoping” day after day for a measure of support – only to find the American President is a diplomatic eunuch, and refuses to pick a side that is reflective of the values of this nation. Frankly, the Iranians are demonstrating more American values than our POTUS.

I miss George Bush, dang it all. That man didn’t sit on the fence when it came to freedom and basic human rights in these nations.

The Bush admin had Democracy Program Initiative, as we discussed above. This was to nurture exactly what is happening now… a nation that speaks up for regime change. (Altho those like Larry W seem to think this magically appeared because of Obama in Cairo… sigh…)

You seemed to assume Obama would continue that program.

Courtesy of Missy, tho we see no formal accounts in other media, Obama has abandoned that as well.

Suzanne Maloney, a Brookings mouthpiece, has been against this program, saying the Iranians need to fight it out themselves. How interesting… we rescue other nation’s citizens when they are being oppressed (Kosovo, Bosnia, Serbia, Korea, Vietnam, WWI and II etal), but helping Iranians is out of the question? What are these people to do against Ahmadinejad’s military might and the Ayatollah’s oppressive power? You think Iran’s leadership will cave to the protestors without the help of the free world?

The supporters of the Iranian initiative blame people like Maloney for “blunting the intent” of the program. As is usual, the special interest lobby types manage to control foreign policy somehow.

What to do? Again, I ask you… we can come to the rescue of the Slavic nations and that’s okay, but we can’t come to the rescue of the Iranians? Why is that, triz. Because you see defeat before we begin? From your statements INRE Russia, that’s obviously your armchair general’s opinion. If that’s anything like your sewage-filled crystal ball gazing, forgive me if I discard your strategic observations as nothing more than pacifist mutterings.

Well fear not. *This* POTUS won’t lift a finger to help anyone else escape oppression. He won’t even give them verbal support and a well warranted “atta boy”. That probably falls in line with an impotent and corrupt UN… who will also do nothing but issue white washed lip service and token “tut tut’s”.

Obama, that selfish and stupid bastard, will do nothing but focus the American military on his campaign promise of bringing Osama bin Laden “to justice” (i.e. relocation to Bermuda or some other island?). All well and good but, in reality, that won’t do whit in the world of the “overseas contingency operations”. But won’t the big Zero strut about like a peacock, proclaiming his big success?

In the meantime, an opportunity for Iran to make major advances in becoming a Muslim democracy, because their own people are demanding a “change”, will fall by the wayside by a cowardly and naive POTUS who is “touched” by their efforts, afraid to take a side. Why? Because he thinks if we stand passively aside, Iran’s regime will be easier to negotiate with.

Right… and I’m winning the lottery tomorrow.

Frankly, I’m glad work has swamped me of late, limiting my post contributions and comments. I never thought I’d say it, but I am utterly ashamed to be an American under a President Obama. I don’t recognize my own country anymore. The values I treasure, and those of my parents and generations before, are being tossed aside as expendable under this POTUS. Our dedication to those around the world that also seek freedom is too expensive and inconvenient for this President, as it may hurt his poll numbers and find himself as despised as Bush. Not good for this self-consumed stage politician.

Obama’s “remaking of America”, our values, culture of entrepreneurialship, and overt power grabs that everyone chooses to ignore as they gaze lovingly at the big Zero does not sit well with me. And I suspect other old farts that think like me, and don’t want to be a ward of Obama’s State, will be growing in numbers over the years. Guess all you O’faithful out there will just have to wait until we die off before you achieve your utopian dream of a Euro-social America with a stepford/complacent population

Uh…..what she said.

Can’t put it any better myself.