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The farce known as the Obama administration is now trying to bribe a tourist destination to take the 17 al-Qaeda Uighers currently being detained at Gitmo.

Just when you thought they couldn’t do anything more idiotic, they prove us wrong:

The Obama administration is nearing agreement with the remote South Pacific island nation of Palau to resettle a group of Chinese Muslims now held at the Guantanamo Bay detention center, The Associated Press has learned.

As they attempt to fulfill President Barack Obama’s order to close the Guantanamo facility by early next year, administration officials are looking to Palau to accept some or all of the 17 Uighur detainees due to fierce congressional opposition to releasing them on U.S. soil, officials said.


Asked Tuesday about discussions with Palau on the Uighurs, State Department spokesman Ian Kelly declined to comment beyond saying the United States is “working closely with our friends and allies regarding resettlement” of detainees at Guantanamo. He said the department would not comment on talks with individual countries.

Two of the officials said the United States was prepared to give Palau up to $200 million in development, budget support and other assistance in return for accepting the Uighurs and as part of a mutual defense and cooperation treaty that is due to be renegotiated this year.

Hmmmm, almost sounds like a threat to me. Take the AQ members or we defend you no more.

The island itself has a population of 21,000 and as already noted, it’s main trade is tourism. Think that could be a problem? Especially seeing as how these are Muslims who wanted to break away from China to form a land where Muslims could resettle. Oh, and as Ed Morrissey notes, there are few Muslim inhabitants in the country. 17 trained fanatical Islamic terrorists settled into a country with few Muslims who want a land to call their own.

Whoa boy.

Last thought. Aren’t we in a economic crisis? Sending 200 million to a country to take terrorists we captured is just one more in a long line of mis-steps by this administration.

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