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Today is Friday, and I saved this article from yesterday. Why? Well, yeah there was a lotta news to talk about-important stuff like a possible bomb going off on a plane in the Atlantic, Obama’s rehash of an old Bush speech that got completely the opposite reaction (all he needed was shafts of light to break in from the heavens above to really make Chris Matthews and MSNBC weep). Lots more. Yet, this one little article almost slipped under the radar, and it’s the one I’ve been looking for over the past year.

The article comes from leftist writer, Dana Milbank, of the Washington Post. There’s not one bit of neocon, Republican yada yada yada about the sourcing. No, this article is about the message of the left from the left. We are constantly told that there’s no leader on the right, but on the left… it’s gone completely unreported and even denied en masse that there is confusion below the unconditional adoration of Obama’s Cult of Personality.

Yet, the big blue door is creaking open, and we’re allowed to see inside. Beyond the glory of the man-God Obama rests the question we here at Flopping Aces have been asking since before the November election, “WHY?”

Why elect a complete amateur who doesn’t take responsibility, who can’t make a decision unless it’s a compromise, who has never accomplished anything other than being elected? Why back Obama’s foreign policy when it’s the same as the ultra-hated Bush’s (just done without decisiveness)?

Finally-FINALLY the left is starting to wonder itself.

For the past few years, liberal activists have gathered in Washington each spring for the Take Back America conference, where speaker after speaker — Obama sometimes among them — would give rollicking denunciations of the Bush administration before packed rooms of partisans.

But now that Obama has actually taken back America, the activists at this year’s gathering feel a bit like the dog that finally caught up with the car. Organizers changed the name from Take Back America to America’s Future Now, but that didn’t prevent a sharp decline in participation.

At sparsely attended sessions this week at the Omni Shoreham, the progressive leaders debated whether they should shift their efforts to defending Obama, or fighting him when he strays from liberal doctrine. “It was easy taking back America,” Robert Borosage, the conference organizer, told about 250 of the faithful at yesterday’s closing luncheon. “Now we have to remake it. . . . That’s the hard work.”

Man, I laughed at this article the first time I read it. I did. I laughed out loud so hard that my dog ran out of the office!

A straw poll taken by pollster Stan Greenberg found that 90 percent of those in attendance approve of the job the president is doing, and that they have no consensus about whether to help Obama or fight him.

Wow, 90%…Ooooo, shocker. This is where Milbank stops just shy of checkmate. You can tell he wants to say it, but he doesn’t dare recognize the thought in his mind let alone share it. What is “it.” “It”‘s that 90%.

“It” is the simple fact that it doesn’t matter if this leftist crowd or any other Obama supporting group, PAC, or person opposes something he does. Why? Because they love him more than they hate policies, and their popularity points in his polling will never come off of it. Obama could be caught on camera raping a cute little dog, and it wouldn’t matter. The left would still love him, and unconditionally give him their approval. The irony/the checkmate is that such unconditional approval makes their wants and desires moot. They can do nothing to him and/or his policies unless they have the courage to click on the “disapprove” box in some bs website poll. If they can’t do that, then why should he bother? Republicans could run Joe Schmoe in 2012, and the left would naturally hate him with spitting disgust, and yet they’d still click on “approve” for Obama.

Today, the progressive movement survives and thrives on Obama’s good graces, no longer on their strength (let alone the value, validity, or righteousness of their positions).

Obama has them in checkmate, and they’re still deciding if they even want to play checkers.

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