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More photos at The Wall-USA

The Washington Times has partnered with Footnote to create a searchable digital image of the 58,000+ names on the Vietnam War Memorial. When you find the name, you can read details from the government war records on each of these fallen heroes… as well as add your own personal stories and photos.

But utilizing the new info age technology, this gives an even more personal touch to the Memorial, and to the memory of those who have given their all for our country.

Over 58,000 names of those who died or were listed as missing in the Vietnam War are carved in the black granite memorial, which begins with the inscription: “In honor of the men and women of the Armed Forces of the United States who served in the Vietnam War. The names of those who gave their lives and of those who remain missing are inscribed in the order they were taken from us.”

The Wall-USA also has their own search for data on each of the fallen. There is no digital image of the name on The Wall, but you can also add personal comments there as well.

Rest in peace, brave warriors. Your voices are sorely missed.

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