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Us Californians went to the polls last night and told the state enough with taxes to keep your greedy grubby hands filled with cash. The tax revolt in this state has begun, and I honestly never thought I would see the day:

Despite a big advantage in cash and manpower, the campaign failed to gain traction from the start. Polls throughout the race showed all the ballot measures — except Proposition 1F — losing badly, as voters expressed equal parts confusion over the package and disdain for the Sacramento politicians who crafted it.

Californians seemed upset partly by Sacramento’s call for more money at a time when employment was sagging, retirement accounts were plunging and the average resident was struggling.

The NYT’s… all it’s wisdom….thinks we’re irresponsible for not giving lawmakers more money:

A smattering of California voters on Tuesday soundly rejected five ballot measures designed to keep the state solvent through the rest of the year.

The results dealt a severe setback to the state’s fragile fiscal structure and to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the state legislators who cobbled together the measures as part of a last-minute budget deal passed in February.


The governor and lawmakers will now be forced to debate yet again what methods will be used to set the balance sheet right and vote on new measures to cut spending. Those proposed measures will be draconian and politically difficult, including large education cuts and reductions in prison sentences…

Oh, so public safety and education have to take the hit instead of the bloated bureaucracy of this state?

Give me a break.

Let’s see if Schwarzenegger has finally seen the light

“Now we must move forward from this point to begin to address our fiscal crisis with constructive solutions.”

I’m not holding my breath while they continue to fund some kind of social program for every single person in this state, including those hear illegally.


Thanks Rovin for the tip on Hugh’s piece today:

An aside. There is an incredible headline in the Lost Angeles Times: California Voters Exercise Their Power–And That’s The Problem. No liberal media bias there, right? No wonder the paper is dying, spitting in the eye of an electorate that just shouted at the top of its voices “We can’t pay any more taxes!” Big government liberals with keypads and editors who tut-tut the middle class’s tax burden continue to misreport the California collapse and the voters’ reaction to it, and newspaper circulation continues to decline. The huge vote against taxes and the entrenched special interests that dominate Sacramento, especially the public employee unions, is a huge story and the nearly dead and desperate hard left remnant at the Times simply refuses to cover the story. Amazing. If a new owner returns to actual journalism and especially to that part about making the powerful uncomfortable, circulation will soar. But there’s no sense subscribing to a tip sheet for the Sacramento elite.

The great news is that state Democrats risk a huge blow back in November 2010 if they move forward with another sneaky tax-hike-disguised-as-a-fee and jack the state gas tax by a dozen cents or more, as is the rumored plan. The voters are clearly demanding a massive downsizing in state government and an end to huge contracts with state employee unions.

The bad news is that this very loud, very precise message of “stop spending our money” from the west coast will be rejected by the ruling elites in D.C. and won’t be carried for much more than a day, if at all, by an adoring MSM more interested in the latest “new” presidential initiative. The vote in California underscores that there is a tremendous frustration with the left’s power grab, which isn’t what the country voted for last fall. The Beltway prefers not to notice this groundswell, setting up a very dramatic showdown a year-and-a-half out.

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