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60 year old Maj. Steven Hutchison, a Vietnam veteran who re-enlisted after 9/11 was killed in a roadside bomb attack in Iraq on May 10th.


A 60-year-old Vietnam War veteran who was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq has become the oldest Army soldier to die in that conflict, the military said Thursday.

An Associated Press database of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan shows that Maj. Steven Hutchison, of Scottsdale, Ariz., is the oldest member of any service branch killed since the wars broke out.

His brother said Hutchison decided to re-enlist after the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the death of his wife.

This is a debt we can never repay.

The best we can do is to never forget.

h/t – Larry W for pointing out this story.

[I was unable to find a photograph of Maj. Hutchison to use in the post. If anyone comes across one, please point it out to me.]

h/t – Hawk for the pic link.

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