Posted by Curt on 13 May, 2009 at 4:12 pm. 12 comments already!

As a booknote to Scott’s piece below and to provide the video for Mike’s post here is the presser on Obama’s decision to finally listen to calmer heads and not release the detainee photos:

And while I don’t agree with Allah at Hot Air often, I am completely on board here:

The meme of the hour, per Republican strategists and Bill Clinton, is that Dick Cheney needs to quiet down about torture and go away now. Really? I find it hard to believe The One would have backed off on the photos if not for Cheney’s media campaign to convince people that torture works and that Obama’s being cavalier about counterterrorism. Granted, he’s personally unpopular with most of the public, but the fact remains that he’s almost uniquely well informed to comment on this subject, which can’t help but be persuasive. If he’s got a liberal as staunch as Richard Cohen questioning himself, what’s he doing to the rest of the country?

And I for one thank Mr. Cheney.

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