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For years and years I was labeled, harassed, attacked, and otherwise been the object of hatred. They called me a “NEOCON.” Why? Well, many opponents of success in Iraq said they called me “NEOCON” because I supported America’s effort to succeed in Iraq. They said that it was impossible to succeed; to stay in Iraq until it was secure and stable enough to ensure that a 3rd invasion wouldn’t be necessary after leaving.

Last night, it came to me: I am no longer a NEOCON. Today, I am a liberal. I am an Obama fan.

No! For real! Please, stop laughing…you might be one too.

Obama may have opposed the invasion of Iraq in 2002 because of political expediency (his primary campaign contributor in Chicago told him, “You damn well better oppose this thing” before his first big campaign speech on the subject). He may have opposed success in Iraq 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and in 2008, but in 2009-after being elected-my desired outcome in Iraq was embraced by President-elect Obama: to stay in Iraq until it is secure and stable enough to ensure that a 3rd invasion won’t be necessary. My preferred Iraq policy became the liberal Iraq policy. The policy hasn’t changed-only the face on it, and with that change of faces came a change of endorsement: from neonazicon repukes to kinder, gentler, more-caring, and more intellectual liberals. Since that change…no one opposes success in Iraq anymore.

Torture? I’ve never been a fan of torture. It’s an awful thing, and that should go without saying. However, if 50,000 lives can be saved by putting a guy in a box with a caterpillar, well, at that point my objections become less vocal/more silent. It turns out…my position is the exact same as the Democrats’! Speaker Pelosi, and almost two dozen members of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees were briefed on the “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques,” and no one really objected. They were in the same frame of mind as me: it’s awful, but…if everything else has been tried, and it’ll save tens or hundreds of thousands of lives, then I bow to the sin of omission and say nothing. Guess I’m a liberal on that one too.

Iran? Gosh, it’s terrible that the Iranians are killing American soldiers, Iraqis, and Afghans, and the idea of them making nuclear bomb factories scares me, but I totally favor talking to them first; if for no other reason than to say we tried, to appease those who think that talks always work, and to unite the nation and the world against their intractability. Sad to say, but I also think the military option has to remain on the table. When Bush said that, and when I supported it…I was a “NEOCON.” Now, Obama says we have to keep the military option open, and…I’m no longer a warmonger, but a supporter of a liberal President. WOOHOO!

Spending? I agree that there’s too much govt spending, that cuts need to be made, that we need a return to pay-as-you-go spending, an end to deficit spending, a fix for Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid reform, and a massive govt effort to switch to renewable energy sources. Now, Democrats took Congress in 2006 based on these promises, and I support them. I voted for a Democrat-candidates for both the House and Senate in 2006. 3yrs later we have a President who (despite pushing a $3.8 TRILLION budget w a $2TRILLION deficit) has pledged the same things. I guess those are liberal ideas…though, I’m not sure what happened to them. Am I more liberal than the Democrats in Congress on spending?

Wanna bailout US automakers and hand over their control to the unions? Yeah, I’m for that. ‘Course, I’m for it because the unions will take the dying companies, kill them completely, which will kill union power, and thus kill “organized labor” control over the Democratic Party, but I am for it. Whatever my motivation, I embrace this liberal policy.

Wanna bailout banks? Sure. Go ahead. I’m for it. Let’s face it, if ever there was an entity that needs money…it’s banks (think about that for a moment).

Today, I’m a liberal Democrat.

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