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Jamie Glazov had a must read interview in Frontpage Magazine yesterday. Dave Gaubatz, the first U.S. civilian (1811) Federal Agent deployed to Iraq in 2003, speaks out about the barbaric treatment and heinous deaths of US soldiers, and reveals that he kept Congress members – specifically calling out VP Biden – completely informed on the intel they gained, and the lives it saved.

He also notes that never once did the Congress members ask what methods they used to obtain the intelligence.

Gaubatz is disturbed that the current administration, and the Congress members he helped keep informed, now turn their backs on the truth, hamper intelligence gathering, and abandon the US intel operatives in order to throw their support to detainee rights. To this end, he promises to release documents and photos from 2003.

Our troops knew in 2003 we were facing an ‘evil ideology’ of Islamic terrorists, many died, and many more will likely sacrifice their lives because we have politicians who care more for their careers than they do the security of our nation.

I am releasing several never before seen documents and photographs I obtained while working counter-intelligence/counter-intelligence in 2003. Why? Because the intelligence gathering abilities of our brave officers is being hampered, this translates into our country facing a national security threat from Islamic terrorists. This means our children will become their targets.

I believe it disturbs many Americans and the intelligence officers that now we have liberal Democrats in office who know the truth about the sufferings of our troops, and now stand up for the rights of Islamic terrorists who may have to be pushed around to save our troops. I will not be one responsible for their deaths and the sufferings their parents will go through simply because a politician wants to placate the liberals who care more for Islamic terrorists than they do for their neighbor’s son or daughter fighting for our country.

Gaubatz also noted that he took his civilian assignment with the full knowledge that, if captured, he would be considered an enemy spy under the Geneva Convention and likely executed… and that the US government would not be able to prevent this. This would be the same GC that everyone reveres today as the guideline for detainee treatment including anything that constitutes “mental” torture.

He noted he documented his contacts with Congress members, regularly inquiring about obtained intelligence.

FP: Can you name politicians who were aware of intelligence that was being obtained during interrogations?

Gaubatz: It would be easier to name the ones who were not concerned. In early 2003, Americans fighting in Iraq felt we had the support of all politicians, regardless of political affiliation. We had inquires from politicians of all levels about the intelligence we were collecting. These politicians had constituents who wanted answers on the war and I believe deserved answers. Our teams wrote hundreds of intelligence reports and we briefed many through other electronic means. One such person at the time was then Senator Joe Biden (now VP Biden). I still have my war notes taken from the field, and his name was written in my book on 7 June 2003.

Biden was aware of intelligence we were obtaining from the field, and never did anyone question our methods of obtaining the intelligence. We were professionals and collected intelligence using the best method one could when surrounded by enemies sometimes 6 to our 2.

Gaubatz may seem like he’s publicly wondering why Biden refuses to speak up now. But he knows all too well that this is politics, and that’s not setting too well with him.

Why will he not speak about it? Did Biden know Iranians were entering Iraq and providing sophisticated weapons to Islamic terrorists to kill our brave troops? I am not trying to single out Biden who knew what was going on, but to let the American people understand both Republicans and Democratic leaders were aware of the situation in Iraq.

We were being encouraged by both parties to obtain intelligence to protect our troops and country.

When we went to war in 2003, we were facing an enemy we were not prepared for, and still aren’t. The enemy was not simply the Army of Saddam, but the Islamic terrorists who were residing in Iraq well before 2003. Once we entered Iraq, the Iranians began entering southern Iraq and were paying Islamic suicide bombers to kill Americans. VP Biden and all key government leaders were provided reports of these acts.

Now I watch television daily and hear our liberal leaders whining about Islamic terrorists who may have been ‘slapped’, or put into a box with a caterpillar. None of these liberals were standing up for civilian intelligence officers in 2003 that were being deployed to Iraq with misleading identification and weapons.

Gaubatz elaborates on the Jessica Lynch event, from their capture, treatment, to the ultimate rescue. He notes ROE preventing the search of mosques, schools, or Red Crescent ambulances cost the lives of U.S. military personnel. He also states, in no uncertain terms, that the jihad movements were thriving in Iraq long before 2003.

This is worthy of a full read.. and I don’t think we’ve heard the last of David Gaubatz on this issue. In fact, I shall be checking in on his blog, DG Counter-terrorism Publishing, often for updates. What will be more interesting is seeing how the Congress members he names do the posturing and dodging needed in order to extract themselves from his charges.

It’s likely the media shall, once again, go on the attack for Mr. Gaubatz as happened back in 2006, when he was much maligned and portrayed as a kook when he pushed the ISG to have locations ID’d by locals as caches for WMDs searched. I had posted on this back in Feb of 2006 when Eli Lake’s NY Sun article appeared with the tale of lost opportunity. [Mata Musing: See more on this subject in my comment below.]

Now to see what a POTUS – that considers intimidation tactics the norm and uses an Alinsky attack machine of riled up citizens over class warfare as part of it’s own ROE – does with Mr. Gaubatz on the interrogation controversy.

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