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Even with complete, total, unchecked political power, and massive amounts of political capital….today’s Democrat just can’t seem to stop shrilling and whining. It’s a small wonder though since they’ve been misled about so much for so many years from their own leaders, had so much hope built up, and then when they think they’re gonna get change…they find out that the policies they were told to hate for 8 years…are to be continued, excused, and calls to support them rather than oppose them have gone out from their party leaders. Has there ever been a time in American history when so many were so completely lied to just to get unchecked political power?

Because the ruling Democrats have tilted too far left, their allies are out on a mission of distraction, trying to prove that everyone else is too far to the right.

So here’s a new motto: more leadership, less bloggership. Voters tend to tire the ad hominem approach. By smearing others, rather than putting forward ideas, the scribblers smear themselves instead.

Strangely enough, the idea of distracting the progressive base with issues to get them riled up/engaged regardless of reality is still the policy of the DNC leadership. Take for example the torture memos-the release of which did only 2 things: fire up the base in old-school-anti-Bush-hatred and kill the relationship between the CIA and the President. In a position of opposition and minority or during a campaign that might have been acceptable, but was it worth castrating the CIA in a time of multiple wars where the CIA is absolutely critical in each? With the Taliban closing in on Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, Iran on the bring of completing their nuclear bomb factories, Bin Laden still at large, Mexico near collapse from drug cartels…was the political distraction worth it?

It’s time for Democrats to realize they have power, and to lead rather than campaign. Every day that passes without leadership and accomplishment is another day that passes making future campaigns more difficult.

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