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For the past month or so I’ve been reading an unusual number of articles asking ‘why the left is angry?’ Each cites a number of examples of angry (pseudo) liberalism, but mostly it’s just oped writers reacting to hate mail. Of course, that alone does warrant the question. After all, all three branches of government are to be controlled by Democrats very soon (Congress has been held by them since 2006). So, why the anger?

Could it be that there’s an atmosphere of frustration boiling beneath the surface? Could it be there’s frustration that the Democrats didn’t end the war in Iraq as they promised they’d do if given power in 2006? Could it be that the economy is tanking-actually getting worse-despite Democrats having thrown TRILLIONS of dollars at the problem? Perhaps there’s a memory of Nancy Pelosi pledging to end deficit spending, balance the budget, and bring about fiscal responsibility…back in 2006? Maybe it’s the fact that Gitmo is still open, and despite calling for it to be closed…will likely remain open for a long time? Maybe it’s because the foreign policy of a humble, open hand hasn’t worked at all with Iran, North Korea, or even Venezuela?

As usual, I go with the sum total idea: that the bigger the problem-the more causes there are. To that end, it should be no surprise that a simple thing like Miss California repeating the Obama policy on gay marriage can act as a relief valve for closed-minded-pseudo liberals (especially those who have come out of the closet and who are still in it…as seen here in this insightful debate over the Obama policy that she echoed)

What? You mean you didn’t see Perez Hilton calling Michelle Obama a cunt for echoing her husband’s position on gay marriage? Why would that be? She’s a lovely, successful, intelligent woman who stands by her husband at every turn. Why complain about the issue to Miss California and not the President who actually MAKES the policy?

Yes, I know, President Obama is The Infallible Supreme Leader, and shall not be questioned. Still, I wonder how many times he can embrace a Bush Administration position, and have “progressives” not question him, not let loose like they have on Miss California? While overall his popularity is good, his strongly disapprove rating is almost as high as his strongly approve rating, and that suggests the same thing we see in the video above, the same thing you hear when you talk to an Obama voter, the same thing you see every day on this website…there are some really REALLY angry people out there, and they’re angry at Bush policies which Obama and Dems spent years opposing as fiercely as possible….only to have their anointed/infallible one embrace them himself.

Now, I thought the popularity crash would happen between April and May, and I was wrong, but I also underestimated the seething, hatred that is oozing out from the misled masses (again, watch the video and remember that they’re talking about President Obama’s policy). I can’t see how that “progressive” hate can stay under the surface for almost 4years, and when it comes out-when they dare to talk about Barack Obama’s genitals the way they talked about Miss California’s…George Bush will look more popular. Given that almost all of Bush’s policies have been continued or expanded by Obama, he’s already looking smarter and certainly more politically courageous.

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