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Politico lists 10 decisions that President Obama has to answer in the NEXT 100 days. The answers aren’t hard (probably because the questions aren’t. See any on Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea, rising unemployment, faster than expected GDP drop, gutted stock market, etc? Nah. Not from these swoons-err, writers)

1. Will Obama fire another CEO by Monday?

Doubtful as only 1 CEO has been fired while hundreds if not thousands who have caused the current financial mess keep their jobs. Statistically, it’s just not likely.

2. Will Obama go “nuclear” on health care?
He doesn’t have to go “nuclear.” He can get Congress to pass anything, and what THEY want is to feed their lobbyists. So, yeah, there’ll be healthcare “reform”/”change,” but it’ll just feed the beast. He lacks the courage to face down Reid and Pelosi. Pelosi runs Thunderdome-not Masterblaster.

3. “Torture memos” aside, what will Obama do about Gitmo and CIA interrogations?
If his poll numbers fall, or the economy tanks, or he has trouble in any other way, he’ll push for hearings. This is the Democrats’ new political football, but it can’t go far because the midterms are coming, and Congressional Democrats are involved. As to Gitmo…he’ll either leave it open till after the midterms, or resume trials and keep it open until those are done in 2013, or send em to Montanna (me, I like this prison I saw on TV that’s in Alaska. Oh MAN! Can you imagine going from spic and span, high-profile Caribbean Gitmo to the middle of nowhere in Alaska?!

4. What to say to Israel about Middle East peace?
He can “say” all he wants, but Netanyahu is not gonna budge in any way, shape, or form unless he disarms Iran. That’s not gonna happen. Besides, Hamas isn’t gonna be suddenly snuggle buggle w a 2-state solution (they said so today). Write it off for the time being.

5. What to say at Notre Dame?
Anything but focus on abortion. I’m guessing more “moral compass” torture distraction.

6. Will Obama let Chrysler and GM go bankrupt?
GM, yes.
Chrysler-sold (hmm, maybe bankrupt!)

7. What to do about Pakistan?
Wait until a military/ISI/extremist/Taliban coup takes place, then complain that it was Bush’s fault. And when they threaten a nuclear terrorist attack, torture the living crap out of anyone who they even think knows where the nukes are gonna be delivered (via terrorist not ICBM). Then skip to question #10

8. Will Obama show labor some love?
Nothin’ but!

9. Can Obama get a win on energy — without driving away moderate Democrats?
No problemo

10. Where to go on vacation?
Hawaii duh!

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