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And we have the three winners from our Caption contest celebrating the new “Ranger Up” Flopping Aces t-shirt:

Ranger Up Girl Contest

And the three captions who received the most votes from you, the readers, are below:

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The Struggler – Biden:”Damn gaurds put pepper spray on the toilet paper.”

Mickey – “Hey Joe, do your monkey dance and let’s see if we can win one of them FLOPPING ACES t-shirts”

CalCon – “I knew a man, Joe-jangles and he danced for me..In worn out shoes..Silver plugs, a ragged shirt and saggy cheeks..The old soft shoe..He jumped so high..Mr. Joe-jangles..Mr. Joe-jangles”

Those three will get a free “Ranger Up” Flopping Aces t-shirt.

Not to worry if you didn’t win….we are about to hit the five million mark in visitors so you know what that means.

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