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“After years of historic deficits, this new Congress will commit itself to a higher standard: pay as you go, no new deficit spending. Our new America will provide unlimited opportunity for future generations, not burden them with mountains of debt.

That was almost 3 years and some say $5-10 TRILLION DOLLARS in deficit spending ago.

This week people on the left mocked 300,000 Americans who took to the streets in a grass roots protest. They wanted to say that government spending is out of control. Those who did the mocking forget that in 2006 Republicans lost control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate because Republicans had spent too much money. They had run up a $400billion deficit on pork spending. Democrats-like Pelosi-lied, and they told the American people that if given control of Congress they would restore fiscal responsibility and end the war in Iraq.

That was almost 3 years ago.

How’re they doin’?

Mock the 300,000 people who protested against too much government spending, but do so at your own risk, because those are the very same people who voted out Republicans for doing far less spending; the very same people who were grossly lied to, misled, pandered, and played as tools by Democrats in 2006.

Those “teabaggers” as MSNBC hosts like to joke are the ones who will make Obama a lame duck President and vote him out of office if the trillions of dollars that he and the Democrats’ Congress don’t show some results soon. So far, despite literally giving away trillions of dollars, the Obama Administration’s own Treasury Dept and the Democrats’ Congress’ own Congressional Budget Office both agree…the economy has gotten worse-not better.

Mock at own risk MSNBC

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