Posted by MataHarley on 16 April, 2009 at 4:54 pm. 7 comments already!


Well well, we’re all familiar with the hysterical and opinionated Susan Roesgen’s CNN blip while at the Chicago Tea Party on tax day from Wordsmith’s post below. What you may not have seen is the aftermath…. what did not make it on the air since it was exclusively filmed by Founding Bloggers.

The aftermath footage starts about 2 minutes in, after the CNN aired segment. Ordinary citizens used their free speech rights to let Ms. Roesgen know just how they felt about her news coverage. One might say they grabbed Ms. Roegen’s pitchfork and got in a few stabs of their own.

And a H/T to Newsbusters for the heads on up this footage.

As mon pal, Aye Chi, likes to say… “roll the tape”…

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