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Perhaps one of the most infuriating things other than that polls show that only 53% of this country believe capitalism is better than socialism is the 53% of people who voted to elect Barack Obama, an absolute do-nothing, with the most liberal voting record in the Senate during the brief time he was there running for President. It is a surreal feeling watching the manipulation of world markets by Obama and the other members of the G8 in their machinations to exploit the current situation to attain their life-long dream of a world economic system controlled by a central apparatus.

Another example of how we will be forced to conform will be thru the ‘green system’. New technology to save the world and control the lifestyles of the inhabitants of those in the more wealthy countries. Enjoy your air conditioning this summer at your known comfort level, because this time next year, you may go to adjust your thermostat and find a lock mandated by the government that tells you that cooling setting is going to stay right where the government feels it should be set for ‘maximum savings.’ Naturally, since the government will have taken over the power companies, any ‘savings’ will be directed to a special account directed by a government bureaucrat.

For such as this, Obama has stated that the science of global warming is ‘beyond dispute’, and settled. I believe most folks with any degree of intelligence know that the ‘science’ by its basic definition is Never settled, however, with the pundits we have today looking at hundreds of billions of dollars to be had on the scam, there is no stopping them.


President Obama has said that the science of global warming is “beyond dispute,” and therefore settled.This is the justification for the imposition of a carbon cap-and-trade system that will cost $2 trillion. But Obama does not understand science.”Settled science” is an oxymoron, and anyone who characterizes science as “settled” or “indisputable” is ignorant not only of science, but also history and philosophy.Aristotle, who lived and wrote in the fourth century B.C., was one of the greatest geniuses the world has ever known. He invented the discipline of logic, and founded the sciences of ecology and biology. Aristotle’s physics were accepted as correct for nearly two thousand years. In 1534, faculty at the University of Paris officially asserted that the works of Aristotle were “the standard and basis of all philosophic enquiry.” Aristotle taught that heavy objects fall faster than light ones. Over the centuries, a few unreasonable persons expressed skeptical concerns. But the consensus was that the physics of motion were described by Aristotle’s dicta. The science was settled.

Around the year 1591, an irascible young instructor, named Galileo, at the University of Pisa demonstrated that Aristotle was wrong. The university administration responded by not renewing Galileo’s contract, thus ridding themselves of a troublemaker who challenged the accepted consensus.

About a hundred years later, an upstart named Aristarchus suggested that the Earth revolved around the sun. Aristarchus’ system never proved popular, and he was criticized for being impious. The Earth-centered system was finalized by Claudius Ptolemy in the second century A.D., and remained unchallenged until the sixteenth century.
Everyone knew that the science of astronomy had been settled “beyond dispute.” When Galileo insisted that the Earth revolved around the sun, he was castigated by the church for advocating an idea that was not only heretical, but also “foolish and absurd in philosophy.”

Late in the seventeenth century, Isaac Newton demonstrated definitively that Aristotle’s physics were incorrect. But the edifice crumbled early in the twentieth century when Einstein showed that Newtonian physics break down as the speed of light is approached.

President Obama, a lawyer and politician, would now have us believe that the process of history has stopped. For the first time, scientific knowledge is not provisional and subject to revision, but final and settled. Skepticism, which has been the spur to all innovation and human progress, is unacceptable and must be condemned. But in fact, it is our awareness of what we do not know that determines our scientific level. Socrates was the wisest man, not because he knew more than others, but because he was the only one to recognize that he did not know. Knowledge begins with skepticism and ends with conceit.

The thinking today is ‘one world’ not matter if we froze our butts off in Fargo, SD, last winter, that’s not applicable, it was warmer by .1 degree in Northern Europe and we all have to chip in because we are WORLD citizens.

These fanatics cannot institute their schemes as long as the people of the United States, by and large, are prosperous. Thus grievous deficits and tax burdens will be placed upon the people of the United States (“people” being those who make the money and pay the taxes) until basically they simply fade away and everyone pales into grey.

Then everyone will cry to the government for their every need. It’s on the way.

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