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Man….been a bad few weeks for law enforcement.


Pittsburgh police said a man wearing a bulletproof vest opened fire on officers during a domestic disturbance call, killing three of them in Stanton Heights.

Police Chief Nate Harper said the motive for Saturday’s shooting isn’t clear. Friends said the gunman recently had been upset about losing his job and that he feared President Barack Obama’s administration was poised to ban guns.

Kelly had been on the force for 14 years and the other two only two years each. Another officer, Tim Mcmamawany, was shot in the hand and a fifth, Brian Jones, broke his leg on a fence.

The gunman, Richard Poplawski, 23, was arrested after a four-hour standoff at a home along Fairfield Street.

Sciullo and Mayhle were responding to a domestic call and were shot in the head as they approached the door, police said.

Police said Poplawski was shooting from a window. They said the suspect shot more than 70 times, as police returned fire.

Kelly lived in the neighborhood and was off duty at the time, he came after hearing the shots.


Channel 11 News learned Poplawski was training to become a U.S. Marine at one point, but sources said he was kicked out of boot camp. Officials said he was also kicked out of North Catholic High School in Pittsburgh.

Stephen Mayhle

— Was a two-year veteran officer
— Survived by wife Chandra and daughters Jennifer and Brooklyn

Eric Kelly

— Was a 14-year veteran officer
— Survived by wife Marina and daughters Timyka, Autumn and Janel

Paul Sciullo III

— Was a two-year veteran
— Survived by his parents and three siblings

My condolences to the families of these brave officers.

Meanwhile the left is doing their best to say hey! It’s all the right’s fault. The guy was obviously unstable, so any attempt to say this would not have happened if the right had not said they were worried about Obama taking their guns away is just plain ignorant.

Everyone would benefit if the right could just lower the temperature a bit.

I’m sorry, didn’t hear that kind of statement when this happened.

Should we play this tit for tat game?….JammieWearingFool tackles the fools playing that game:

At Balloon Juice, John Cole offers this subtle analysis, calling it Glenn Beck’s America. I suppose when those four cops were murdered in Oakland we should have called it what, Jesse Jackson’s America? Barack Obama’s America? Ron Dellums’ America?

Please, someone enlighten me.

Also piling on Glenn Beck is the very unstable John Amato, who also blames the NRA.

Again, we’ve had thousands of police officers murdered in the line of duty the past several decades, the overwhelming majority killed in urban areas. So I guess the kneejerk reaction to all of those homicides should be to blame it on failed liberal policies in cities controlled by Democrats, correct? Hey, if you want to play that game, let’s assign blame for every murder to the killer’s party affiliation and ideology, OK? You folks really want to go down that road?

By all means then, it’s game on.

The fact remains this guy was a nut and now three cops are dead. Our thoughts should be with the families of these officers.

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