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Here, Sir, the people govern….

A Tea Party that exceeded every expectation and renewed our passion to bring this country back to good. A brisk, windy day brought together nearly 400 patriots to express our frustration with the path our government has recklessly embarked upon. It was heartening to see many people laying down their silence and picking up a sign!

Special thanks goes to our speakers at this event: Quentin Cody, a sixth grade phenom; Representative Curt Schroder, a leader Pennsylvania needs, Congressman Joe Pitts, a voice of reason in Congress; and Alex from Russia who shared the “devil in details” of socialism overlooked by Democrat fans in the US.

More photos can be viewed HERE. The Magnificent Neocon’s photos can be viewed HERE, the sublimely beautiful photos by Sean Carpenter can be found HERE

FYI: Two local networks were contacted by a participant of this Tea Party during the rally.  Philly’s NBC Channel 10 told the caller that they had no crew to cover the event. CBS Channel 3 was happy to redirect a news crew when the caller indicated that this rally was pro Obama.  Interesting. I’m tracking down the person who called and will have more details regarding this potential bias by local news stations.

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