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Just freaking embarrassing:


That is a picture of the President of the United States bowing to the Saudi King. American Thinker links over to Miss Manners which says Americans do not bow to foreign monarchs because that act signified the monarch’s power over his subjects.

So with the Queen of England he shook her hand, with two hands mind you, but will bow in submission to the Saudi King.

Speechless……what has become of our country?


I think we’ve all heard by now that Obama’s gift to the Queen was a Ipod. His gifts are classy eh? Lets look at what President Bush gave to the Queen:

President and Mrs. Bush gave Her Majesty a bronze statuette “High Desert Princess” with a personal inscription on the bottom of the base. It is a replica of the original life size statue that is located in front of the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame in Ft. Worth, Texas.

President and Mrs. Bush gave The Prince Philip an exclusive sterling silver eagle box by Tiffany & Co. with personal inscription on the inside lid.

President and Mrs. Bush gave Their Majesties a leather presentation box filled with a collection of documents from the National Archives. One of the items was a copy of an original letter from President Roosevelt to her father, King George, written in 1938. There were also photos from previous royal visits and a DVD of the footage from the Queen’s visit to the United States when she was Princess Elizabeth in 1951.

This country has elected a complete tool as the President.

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Completely agree with The Anchoress take on the video:

I don’t like this video. Spin it any way you like, Obama’s knee is bending, and the head is going very low, almost low enough to kiss a ring, but then Obama’s smooth movements become awkward and stilted, reflecting interrupted momentum – like a batter checking his swing. This looks very much like a man catching himself in mid-bow and suddenly remembering that he should not.

I recall the press making a big stink when President Bush held hands with a Saudi Prince; we were told by all the pundits that it was a “very revealing” gesture, one that “demonstrated” Bush’s fealty to the oil-producers.

I’m quite certain, however, that we’re going to hear Obama’s action – which certainly looks like a checked bow, to me – explained away, with a sniff of disdain. “Actually the president looking for something on the rug,” or “anticipating a step” (which would make no sense, given Abudullah’s height). Perhaps we’ll be told that Obama “has a head cold” and “was stifling a sneeze” or “was suppressing a cough,” or “is very, very tired, and momentarily betrayed his exhaustion; saving the world is very tiring.”

I think it was a checked bow.

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