Posted by SAM on 1 April, 2009 at 6:50 am. 7 comments already!

Last fall, Senator Obama urged the passage of the TARP bailout plan that cost at least $1 TRILLION dollars after interest. Then President-elect Obama urged the first and second bailout of the Big Three automakers. Barack Obama also urged the bailout of financial giant AIG. As President, he and the Democrats Congress rammed a partisan spending bill through Congress under the claim that it was “stimulus.” This too will cost at least $1 TRILLION dollars after interest. Recently, Obama and the Democrats’ Congress proposed doubling the Federal Government’s budget to about $4 TRILLION dollars and doubling the national debt to about $18 TRILLION dollars.

America is at war (though, the term “war” is no longer being used because the Obama Admin finds it too belligerent, and the Democrats’ Congress don’t want to be reminded that they declared the war lost). Still, America is in a bad economic situation, and the TRILLIONS spent on the economy by Barack Obama and the Democrats’ Congress really should have had some sign of slowing the economic decline if not already bringing about recovery. Their efforts to spend and give away hundreds of billions of dollars has been going on now for almost half a year.

Yet, the economy is not slowing its decline. It is getting worse-seriously worse.

How long does the Democrats’ Congress and Barack Obama believe the American people should wait to see some results from the TRILLIONS of dollars spent in their name? Half a year? No, that’s too soon we’re told. A year? No, it’s not reasonable to expect 300,000 new homeless families every month to wait a year. It’s not reasonable to ask the 742,000 people who lost their jobs last month to wait until March 2010 for a job.

We’ve been told that to oppose the Democrats’ plan to borrow/spend America back into economic comfort is unpatriotic. We’ve been told that their way is the only way, and to suggest other ideas or even think about them is patently wrong. We’ve been told that making businesses more profitable by cutting taxes is not a good way to make businesses more profitable, but taking money from business investors and owners somehow makes them more likely to hire than to fire.

How long will Americans wait until they have the audacity to question the Democrat’s economic plan that barely even has HOPE to succeed let alone expectation or historical precedent of succeeding?

We could ask President Obama, but he’s left the country to beg socialist nations for money; socialist nations that a waving their arms telling us that America has already spent too much.