Posted by MataHarley on 31 March, 2009 at 6:40 pm. 15 comments already!


I had just posted on Geithner’s latest power grab, being advanced out of Barney Frank’s committee, when lo… behold… the gullible newbie author of this piece ‘o’ turd legislation – Rep. Alan Grayson from the Disney World area of Florida – tried to go up against Cavuto. And if this isn’t Disney “fantasy”, nothing is.

Talk about “above his pay grade”…. it’s hard to believe this man is on the taxpayer’s payroll at all. It’s another “listen and weep” eight minutes as this loser tries to explain why this legislation, putting salary and bonus control of *all* employees receiving *any* federal assistance in the hands of the Treasury Secretary, is in the nation’s best interest.

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