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Who says the MSM is biased? Here is the NY Times explaining away all of Obama’s troubles (ie…his economic plans…cough Socialism plans cough…., Afghanistan, Iran, China and the view that he is a paper tiger) on…..wait for it…..Bush! (h/t Jules Crittenden)

The challenges stem in part from lingering unhappiness around the world at the way the Bush administration used American power. But they have been made more intense by the sense in many capitals that the United States is no longer in any position to dictate to other nations what types of economic policies to pursue — or to impose its will more generally as it intensifies the war in Afghanistan and extracts itself from Iraq.


“The rest of the world is yearning for him,” said Kenneth Rogoff, a Harvard economist. “On the one hand, they’ll all be criticizing him, and criticizing the American model. But they all want to hear that he does have a miracle to deliver.”

A miracle from the messiah….it must be coming right?

Love this line from the article:

“an immense popularity around the world…”

Yes, he is so popular. Why wouldn’t he be? He insults the British PM, angers the Israelis by not backing them against terrorism, sends secret letters to Russia offering to throw Poland and other Eastern European states under the bus if they would only help with Iran, throws Tibet under the bus, insults Switzerland, reaches out to the Taliban, and on and on….such a great leader.

Expect more of the same “it’s all Bush’s fault” type crap to lower expectations of the messiah.

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