Posted by Curt on 27 March, 2009 at 11:59 am. 12 comments already!


Typical insulting Reid:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Friday that John Roberts misled the Senate during his confirmation hearings by pretending to be a moderate — and that the United States is now “stuck” with him as chief justice.

“Roberts didn’t tell us the truth. At least Alito told us who he was,” Reid said, referring to Samuel Alito, the second Supreme Court justice nominated by President George W. Bush. “But we’re stuck with those two young men, and we’ll try to change by having some moderates in the federal courts system as time goes on — I think that will happen.”

You’ll notice he didn’t specify any statement of Roberts that was a lie.

And if he was fooled by Roberts, how come he voted against his nomination?

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