Posted by Scott Malensek on 19 March, 2009 at 5:10 am. 13 comments already!

I think it’s a great idea for President Obama to go on The Tonight Show. I wish President Bush would have done it as well. The irony of course is that President Obama is proving himself to be the empty suit, inexperienced, clueless, promise-breaker that Republicans painted him as during the 2008 campaign. To prove this continually confirmed allegation incorrect, the President will go on pop TV to show he’s more than a pop star. Now, will he talk about the rush-to-vote stimulus bill that doesn’t stimulate the economy for a year or two (if at all), and how that rush-to-vote broke his campaign promise not to rush, how it caused the AIG bonus loophole to go unnoticed by even the Dem Senator who put it in? Will the Pop-President talk about the Iranian satellite flying overhead, about his timeline to resolve the Iranian nuclear issue? Will he talk about how he’s spent (as of yesterday) 3 trillion dollars in 60 days, and explain why that hasn’t stopped the economy from freefall?

OR, will he talk about life in the White House, the food, give some empty rhetoric about the economy (“I get it” as he sucks down endless supply of caviar and Kobe beef)?

I do have one question though:
Why go on Leno instead of addressing the nation like non-pop-Presidents?

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