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When watching this classic clip from Casablanca I’m reminded of this whole Democrat AIG fiasco going on:

Obama is shocked! Shocked, I tell ya, that these bonuses were paid out to executives of AIG right under his nose. Except of course the fact that Democrat Sen. Chris Dodd ensured it was possible AND Obama signed the damn bill. I mean he should of known what was in the bill before signing it right? That was the standard Bush was held to, it’s the standard Obama will be also. There are a few other nagging points to highlight, like say for instance the fact that Obama received over a hundred grand in campaign donations from AIG during his campaign…second only to….wait for it…..Sen. Chris Dodd. (h/t Race 4 2008)

Dodd – $103,100
Obama – $101,332

Race 4 2008 has the timeline:

The timeline:

September 16, 2008 $85B to AIG – first bailout installment
November 2008 Treasury learns of existence of retention contracts but not details
February 2009 Dodd Amendment exempting AIG bonuses from restrictions inserted in Stimulus bill
February 11, 2009 Obama signs Stimulus bill
March 2, 2009 Obama grants latest $30B bailout installment to AIG
March 5, 2009 Obama learns bonuses are $165B
March 9, 2009 Treasury learns full details of bonuses

A line used by many a liberal during the Bush years was of the “buck stops here” kind. Bush was President so he is ultimately at fault. So this should be applied to Obama right? He received lots of money from AIG, sent bailout money to AIG, signed a bill with the Dodd amendment in it, and is ultimately responsible for letting it happen.

But wait, his administration is going to fix it by giving AIG only 29.8 billion dollars instead of 30 billion.

I’m telling ya, this Obama administration is getting crazier and crazier as the days go by.

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