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Newsbusters has more on this Maher show interview with Andrew Breitbart but the one segment I wanted to highlight is this one:

Georgetown professor and liberal talk radio host Michael Eric Dyson, elaborated on why Limbaugh is a racist, Breitbart pointed out that nobody was a bigger defender of Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas than Limbaugh.

This elicited uproarious laughter from Maher and his audience.

Breitbart then deliciously acknowledged the crowd’s response: “Thank you, I appreciate that.”

Maher disgustingly replied: “Clarence Thomas, a, a black man who does not represent 95 percent of black people.” Once again, Breitbart correctly took offense:

That’s bulls**t…You’re allowed to have independent thought in this country. And this kind of intimidation by the black studies intelligentsia crowd that, that intimidates black people who are conservatives…

Maher then asked an amazingly stupid question: “You think black people are intimidated from being conservative?”

That question actually elicited my own laughter. Of course they are intimidated because of just the reaction you and your fellow liberals gave at the name of a conservative black man.

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