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Heard the news? The 2009 International Conference on Climate Change begins today in the Big Apple.

But of course, it’s unlikely you heard. Zip from the mainstream media. Not even a peep taking pop shots at the gathering, likening it to a coven of conspiracists. Pure crickets…

Save one brave soul… the Canadian Free Press, running an article by Dennis Avery, Director of the Center for Global Food Issues. Avery is slated to be one of the 70+ speakers at the Conference.

This year’s theme? “Global Warming: Was it ever really a crisis?

Speakers at this conference will address questions that go to the very heart of the international debate over climate change:

• Does the plateau in global temperatures during the past eight years contradict computer model predictions, and therefore requires a reexamination of the greenhouse theory?

• Do proxy records of ancient climates contradict how computer models characterize the role of carbon dioxide in climate change?

• Does the modern warming have the “fingerprint” of having been caused by greenhouse gases, or is it more likely the result of other forcings?

• Is there a case—either in science or economics—for governments to legislate reductions in greenhouse gas emissions? Should such efforts be suspended until the case for anthropogenic global warming is stronger?

Keynote speakers at this evenings opening dinner are Hon. Vaclav Klaus, Ph.d., “No Progress in the Climate Change Debate”; and Richard Lindzen, Ph.d., Climate Alarm: What We Are Up Against, and What to Do”.

Klaus was the President of the Czech Republic who made headlines in 2007 when he questioned Al Gore’s sanity, and his relentless quest for global warming initiatives.

Lindzen is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, the Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters and a Professor of Meteorology, Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences at MIT. Also, he is:

… a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences, the American Geophysical Union and the American Meteorological Society. He is a corresponding member of the NAS Committee on Human Rights, and has been a member of the NRC Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate and the Council of the AMS.

This is a man who that Huffpo brain trust, Laurie David, labeled as “the famously discredited global warming skeptic”. Lindzen is a favored target of New Zealand’s Margaret J. Sparrow at LogicalScience. Ms. Margaret June has a “BS” in biology… (Yes, the quotations were a deliberate editorial comment.)

Normally Sparrow researches cancer, DNA repair, cellular division, exon prediction, astrobiology, and infectious disease… and places most of her personal focus on the population index, family planning, contraception and STDs. But I guess, of late, she’s expanded her self-perceived specialty areas into other arenas. Needless to say, she’d can’t be thrilled with New Zealand’s latest conservative PM, John Key.

Perhaps Ms. Sparrow should update her “professional deniers” page to include the ever increasing numbers.

As for Ms. David, apparently she didn’t feel her talents as Letterman talent coordinator-to-entertainment manager-and-comedy-show-producer were fully appreciated. She abandoned that field for a higher goal… activism on global warming. She founded the Stop Global Warming Virtual March with (sigh….) John McCain and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. All I can say about that is we dodged a bullet in order to be inflicted by a cannonball.

Forgive me if I take Ms. David’s judgment of the MIT Professor and Nat’l Academy of Sciences member with a grain of salt.


All points of the conference are worthy subjects of debate, most especially with the repercussions of global regulatios and cap and trade policies being discussed amidst the global economy.

From Avery’s article in CFP:

This week, at the 2nd international conference of man-made warming skeptics sponsored by the Heartland Institute in New York, I’ll predict the earth’s warming/cooling trends for the 21st century.

I will be among splendid company such as John Coleman, founder of the weather channel, Ross McKitrick, who debunked the “hockey stick” study, physicist Willie Soon, and many other presenters with brilliant credentials. A thousand scientists, economists, and skeptics from every walk of life will meet to discuss the current climate indicators.

I’ll use physical evidence of the more than 500 warmings in the past million years, which are found worldwide in ice cores, seabed sediments, fossil pollen and cave stalagmites. At least 700 scientists have published evidence on these solar-driven Dansgaared-Oeschger cycles. The good news is that the D-O cycle’s warmings have been getting somewhat cooler for the past 10,000 years—and there is no evidence that human-emitted CO2 will make them much warmer.

continue reading Avery article here…

The event, sponsored by Heartland Institude and 59 co-sponsors …. none of which, I’m sure, will pass any die-hard AGW believer’s muster. Alinsky tactics are alive and well in all fields.

So thru this week, I shall be on “media watch”. Will any major media cover this conference? And if so, from what perspective?

Holding my breath for fair coverage and debate now…. NOT!

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