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EASILY the best quote of the year so far, and perhaps of the entire Obama Administration:

The last of the U.S. troops will be in Iraq no later than Dec. 31, 2011. That’s the deadline set under an agreement the two countries sealed during George W. Bush’s presidency.

Yes, President Barack Obama has decided that (now that he’s got power and responsibility) the Bush plan is the best plan for Iraq. How’s that sit with Democratic Party leaders?

Nancy Pelosi isn’t the only Democrat unhappy with President Barack Obama’s Iraq withdrawal plan. Democratic Sens. Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer said Thursday that — like Pelosi — they were surprised to hear that Obama apparently plans to leave more than 50,000 U.S. troops in the country.
“I have long been for a significant drawback of troops in Iraq,” Reid, the Senate majority leader, told reporters in a news conference. “Fifty-thousand is a higher number than I anticipated.”
Added Schumer: “Fifty-thousand is more than I would have thought.”

No doubt Democrats like President Obama would like Americans and the world to support the war in Iraq now that they’re commanding it, but opponents of the war remain silent. Why? Why not oppose the Bush/Obama policy the way they did when it was just the Bush policy?

Make no bones about it, if you opposed the Bush Iraq policy post 2006, then you just got completely and deliberately misled by President Obama. You’ve been had. Just as you were had on the idea of closing Gitmo (which remains open), ending torture (which is still as permitted as it was under Bush), on listening in on phone calls (which Obama supports now that he’s President), or on the Executive Privilege that protected Karl Rove from indictment now that Obama needs the same right to protect his various “Czars.” Same thing with rendition now that Panetta’s in charge of the CIA.

No more earmarks (except the 9000 in this current budget)
No more hidden text of bills (except that $780bn bill that no one could read before voting on)
No more cronyism (except at CIA)
No more partisanship (except in the WH Chief of Staff and Press Sec, but who notices those guys?)

Obama voters….you have been had

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