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Just last week, we were told by the Obama Administration and the Democrats in the Congress that we needed lots of government spending in order to stimulate the economy. So the liberals in Congress passed the largest spending bill in US history and it was signed by President Obama. This week, President Obama is now telling us that the government needs to cut spending in order to reduce the deficit. In order to cut spending, the government will reduce our military and reduce government spending on health care for the elderly via Medicare and Medicaid.

Essentially, what the liberal Democrats in Congress and President Obama himself are telling us that it is OK for the government to take money out of the US treasury to give to their fat cat friends on Wall Street and organizations like ACORN that stuff the ballot box each election… but that it is not OK for the government to fulfill its promises to pay for grandma’s operation or her medical treatments.

What the liberals are doing is playing a big “shell game”, hoping that we don’t notice what they, the magicians, are doing to take money away from grandma’s health care in order to provide money to the likes of GM, Chrysler, the Big Bank CEOs and the environmental tyrants who are behind the hoax of man-made global warming.

Perhaps Ann Colter was right: liberals think that we Americans have no memory span and that history is what happened after we got up this morning. They are dead wrong.

It seems that in every election, the elderly have been used by the liberal Democrats as pawns in a game to gain political power so that the liberal Democrats can enrich themselves and their friends at the expense of those who have paid into Medicare for decades. Now, when it comes time for the government to provide the services that were paid for by taxpayers…now when some of them are just about to be eligible for Medicare…now the liberal Democrats are taking away those benefits that taxpayers paid for and are entitled to.

If the liberal Democrats wanted to stimulate the economy by putting money into it, they could have done so by simply letting the elderly get their medical treatments under Medicare and Medicaid. That would have put money into the health care system. But they didn’t want that. Apparently the liberal Democrats in Congress and the White House don’t think that they should give back to the average American the money that they paid into the Medicare system for decades . Instead the liberal Democrats in Congress and the White House think that it is just fine for the government to make us pay by taking money out of the US treasury to give to some of Al Gore’s friends so that they can make ethanol out of our food. The liberal Democrats in Congress then force us to pay even more at the pump by passing laws mandating that all gas have at least 10% ethanol in it. What the corrupt politicians in Washington don’t want us to know is that the money that we pay at the pump goes back to Al Gore’s friends and that some of it ends up in the bank accounts of liberal Democrat politicians in the form of book deals, speech gratuities and campaign contributions.

The liberal Democrats are tyrants. Members of AARP and their children should be outraged at such corruption in Washington DC and vote the rascals out of office. If they do not, then they can expect their own lifespan be shortened because the liberal Democrats took their Medicare money and gave it to their liberal friends in order to get the kickback. It is time to break out the protest signs, the pitch forks and the torches and to march on Washington DC.

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