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Ya know, after I wrote the WORST PRESIDENT EVER line the other day, I expected a great deal of gripe from the left. It hasn’t come. It probably hasn’t been noticed bigtime. Still, I don’t make the comment as lightly as someone at MSNBC might. PR and name recognition isn’t my goal, and so those words don’t come from me as marketing tools or flippant.

He takes Bush’s position on warrantless wiretaps
He hires cronies for political appointments
He increases the deficit by a trillion or more (and that’s just his first month!)
He stops giving detainees trials
He hasn’t closed Gitmo (issued an order to try, but Bush tried too)
He will still do renditions
He wrote caveats into his own Exec Orders to still allow for torture like water-boarding
He put a guy in charge at CIA who admits to doing 60-80 renditions HIMSELF
He sent 17000 Americans to Afghanistan w no plan and no timeline for withdrawal
He has not ordered the withdrawal from Iraq in 16 months (cause its not possible to speed up the withdrawal Bush started)
He ignored millions of Americans devastated by an ice storm in Tennesee, W Virginia, and Kentucky
He has NOT HELPED the economy one bit
He has no plan to solve even a single challenge facing his admin

Oh well, at least he has a D next to his name and can read a teleprompter


No, I believe in history. It guides me, and I think it’s true for these reasons:

President Obama hasn’t had 8yrs to make a difference like GWB, but that is EXACTLY the point. It took Bush 8yrs (ignoring the Democrats’ Congress from 2006-08 and their larger part in budget matters) it took him 8yrs to do what Obama’s done in 4 WEEKS! Not since Harry Truman dropped atomic bombs on Japanese cities has a President had this much impact in their first 4 wks, and what’s Obama done w that impact? He’s grasped Bush Admin policies and set us up to ride them for the next 4-8yrs. Think about that…4-8 more years of Bush policies. I love it. Way to go. ‘Course, that’s not gonna make the left happy, and one could wonder why it doesn’t make the right happier. That’s simple, he’s gone above and beyond Bush policies and created additional ones (bailouts for every American power-entity except the people), and he’s socializing the nation. That doesn’t make a populist, socialist left happy because the power isn’t w the people-it’s with power entities like banks etc. It doesn’t make the right happy because now people who work hard, make money, pay their bills are being penalized, AND people who do not work (me), who do not pay their bills, who bought homes they can’t afford, those people are not only escaping penalty, but getting PAID.

Barack Obama has managed in 4 wks to do everything that the American people don’t like short of casting us into a larger war. WHAT?! He is? He escalated the war in Afghanistan w no timeline for withdrawal, no plan for success, no success defined. He’s chosen to try and ignore the Iranian threat even as they tested an ICBM that can reach the US, as the UN says they have enough matl for a bomb, as the BBC reveals that they’ve admitted to killing Coalition troops in Iraq, as we find out they tried to blackmail the UK re Iraq, and as a new Israeli govt comes to power that is fully prepared to attack Iran and start a war with US forces literally, physically, in the middle of that shooting. Meanwhile, North Korea’s getting ready to test an ICBM capable of hitting the US, and Obama’s escalated and spread the airstrikes in Pakistan. Yeah, I guess inaction is an action. Yeah, he has cast America into a larger war.

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