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EXHIBIT #12345 of “Democrats Elected GWBptII”

Mind you, as the article notes, this isn’t merely a teleprompter. It is like an IFB (interruptible feedback) earpiece, but even more so. This will give Mr. Axelrod and his other handlers the ability to feed him answers to the reporters’ questions in real time. Can you imagine the grief President Bush would have gotten had a tried this? Mr. Bush was pilloried for wearing an earpiece during one of the debates – even when he wasn’t. But of course Mr. Obama will get a free pass from our free press. After all, they don’t mind playing charades as long as it is for a good cause.

btw, I don’t care if he gets monitors or an earpiece. I really don’t. Monitors showing breaking news, or spin, etc might actually help him make better, more informative responses. I just want the meatheads who whined and complained about Bush allegedly wearing an earpiece to step up and share the whining again; to disprove the idea that their rantings were just about partisanship. Their silence and inaction proves it was just partisan whining.

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