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Yes boys and girls, it wasn’t too long ago that nutjobs were ranting that President Obama’s Inauguration cost was somehow (in their “brains”) 4-5x bigger than Bush’s 2nd term Inaug, but cost less. Yeah, ok. Well, while the geniuses are still adding up the math on that one (and silent about Obama’s 17 day Rush-to-spend on his Stick-it-to-us plan), I noticed something that makes his first day gala look cheap.

President Obama is going to have (28) new Presidential helicopters at a cost of $400,000,000+ each for a total of $11,000,000,000+. Yeah, the Bush Admin struggled with this too. They started off with a proposal for US manufacturers, then tried to go cheap and have the President of the United States flown around in some European-helos. The outcry against that was so much that he went “Buy American.” Since then, the costs have skyrocketed. They fubar’d it, and they admit it (Andy Card does at least).

Now we get to see if President Obama continues the program. So far, he’s continuing it. The program to buy a few squadrons of personal tricked-out helos to get him to/fro home to the airport runs on. Will he decide to cancel the program, save the $11 Billion (which could be spent on a new high speed rail line from SoCal to Vegas!) and kill a few thousand jobs at Lockheed Martin instead? So far….nope.

Ahhhh decisions decisions. In the meantime, with every day he decides NOT to decide, the money continues to get spent on a boondoggle of a program. Suddenly, that million-bucks-a-second Congressional back and forth over the stick-it-to-us bill seems…not so shocking, and his millions spent on the Inauguration seem like a joke (he could be inaugurated 3-4 times for the price of ONE of his pimped up helos).

Sen. McCain likes to talk about earmarks a lot. And that’s important. I want to go line by line through every item in the federal budget and eliminate programs that don’t work and make sure that those that do work, work better and cheaper.
-Senator Barack Obama 10/7/08

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