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Reporting from Washington — Accused in a 2002 grenade blast that wounded two U.S. soldiers near an Afghan market, Mohammed Jawad was sent as a youth to Guantanamo Bay. Now, under orders by President Obama, he could one day be among detainees whose fate is finally decided by a U.S. court.

But in a potential problem, Pentagon officials note that most of the evidence against Jawad comes from his own admissions. And neither he nor any other detainee at the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, was ever told about their rights against self-incrimination under U.S. law.

The Miranda warning, a fixture of American jurisprudence and staple of television cop shows, may also be one of a series of constructional hurdles standing between Obama’s order to close the island prison and court trials on the mainland.

Ok, so Obama wants to end military tribunals, can’t have civilian courts because of Miranda, can’t release 100 or so of the 200+ to their home country of Yemen because they just escape and join Al Queda again, can’t send em to countries that might execute them without upsetting his political base (despite CIA Director Panetta’s having done so dozens of times during the Clinton Admin)….so…..what’s a President to do? Keep em in Gitmo? No, he ordered that closed in a year. Move em to a US prison where their conditions will be worse, and they can incite prison populations in the US? No, he said he won’t do that. Ok, so what? For now, Obama’s done a nice job of deceiving his voters, but time’s running out on his own self-imposed deadline.

Execution of those caught not in uniform (not so much as an arm or headband)?

Surprisingly enough, this LA Times article doesn’t offer any solutions. It just whines. I know…color me shocked as well.

In the meantime, President Obama is doing the same thing as President Bush, but not getting anywhere NEAR the complaint.

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