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I’ve got to hand it to Senator and failed Presidential candidate John Kerry. Seriously, you’d think the man would have learned by now that he should just keep his mouth shut when it comes to matters of war.
He wanted to be a Vietnam war hero AND an anti-war hero
He wanted to support the war in Iraq (and did) until he was against it
He wants Americans to steel their resolve and stay-the-course in Afghanistan, AND to get out as fast as possible (yeah, ’cause we all know the US forces there have been just kickin’ back and having a vacation in sunny, scenic, and warm Afghanistan…a place that makes Vegas look like boring)

I’ve come to the conclusion that Senator Kerry’s greatest contribution to the United States is his support of the No-Child-Left-Behind initiative because we all need a good education. If you don’t get one, you just wind up in the Senate.

America should GET OUT!

We shouldn’t delude ourselves into thinking that we are in anything but a race against time in a region suspicious of foreign footprints. The United States is not in Afghanistan to make it our 51st state — but to make sure it does not become an al-Qaeda narco-state and terrorist beachhead capable of destabilizing neighboring Pakistan.

America should GET MORE IN!

We must renew our original mission — and President Obama has rightly pledged to recommit to Afghanistan as the center of our global counterinsurgency campaign, beginning with the deployment of as many as 30,000 additional troops.

Maybe-just maybe, if Senator Kerry and his fair weather followers hadn’t opposed success in Iraq, it could have been achieved sooner against an enemy that admits they found comfort in the defeatist political rhetoric from Kerry and kin. Had they just supported the mission in Iraq, perhaps it wouldn’t have been as hard and difficult to achieve, and similarly wouldn’t have been a political distraction from Afghanistan? Make no mistake about it, opposing success in Iraq had an effect on the war there. Dare to wonder what it was?

I apologize if I sound cynical of the fair weather patriot. I’m not.
See, I was for him before I was against him.

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