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The Sheepdogs returned to the steps of the Chester County Courthouse with joy in our hearts and an abiding love for our nation. I can no longer describe this as a rally, as the Sheepdogs come together ever Saturday to celebrate America in West Chester. We represent the resilience and independence of Main Street America that does not surrender when times get tough – that is when we really shine. This is what makes America a nation like no other. Despite these difficult times, I’m proud of this nation and proud to be a Sheepdog.

Come join our celebration! We meet weekly in West Chester, Pa at the corner of High and Market Sts starting at 10:45 am till Noon. You can read more about the Sheepdogs of West Chester HERE.

Scenes from this week’s celebration: You can find more on FLICKR

Trish is all smiles as she holds the answer to the question about war:

Rich rallying like it’s 1985! His jacket stopped traffic – I kid you not:

The Dark Side of West Chester where one could almost imagine them acknowledging the passing motorists with a Sieg Heil…..

Because they lie, and I want ensure my readers get both sides of the story of West Chester, here is a wonderful wide angle shot of their side. Note the both corners are not occupied. Have I told how much I love my new Tokina 12-24mm??

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