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Was the Kennedy family ever a family to look up to? RFK sure was, but after that we have the drunk and now the enviromental wackjob RFK Jr:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Wednesday said he thinks hog farmers are a greater threat to Americans than Osama bin Laden.


“I don’t know if that [quotation] is accurate, but I believe it and I support it,” said Mr. Kennedy, who has been involved in a vigorous legal effort against the meat industry for some years, arguing that manure and other products associated with large livestock producers emit toxic wastes that threaten the environment.

Mr. Kennedy also has said that a single hog consignment can put out more pollution than a city of a million people.

He has also said that every public official in North Carolina has been corrupted by the pork industry. He cited as evidence an editorial in a Raleigh newspaper, although he also said there may be some exceptions.

You can see the whole exchange below which ends with a zing. RFK Jr. attacked Rep. King with the backhand question “I’m asking how much in contributions you have received” from this industry. Clearly alluding to some kind of back scratching scheme which prompted King to respond with the question “How did you get interested in this industry in the first place?”

It was when he was sentenced to 800 hours of community service for possession of heroin.

Well that explains how in the world someone could believe hog farmers are a greater threat then terrorism….just not too many brain cells left in the noggin!

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