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7:48am Scott realizes he’s out of popcorn, and the day is about to begin

8:03am First Obama Admin fubar of the day Paul Volker Upset w Admin delay on Economic Team

8:05 It’s already starting, and my coffee’s not done brewing, ABC News poking at Obama’s Perks in comparison to those he’s banning from recipients of TARP moola

8:16am Got coffee, toast is still preppin’, but it continues. Turns out Obama gave anti-war idol Gen Zinni the job as ambassador to Iraq. The guy accepted, made plans to go, then found out through the grapevine that Obama gave the job to someone else w out telling him. Zinni was not pleased. No opposition to Iraq War=no need for Zinni. He was just a tool.

8:46 Washington Times declares Obama in Combat Mode & heading off to Williamsburg [Oooooooo]

8:48 Obama’s “reaching out” to Iran isn’t working. His UN Ambassador offered direct talks. Obama offered talks. Obama wrote nice letter. He went on Al Arabiya pushing a message of respect. In response, Iran ordered us (that’s you and me “us” not just the U.S.) to apologize for everything bad in the post NAZI world, then they launched a satellite to prove they have ICBM capability, and now…they tell Obama to get stuffed and accept that they have a right to nukes. Note, outstretched hand and new face efforts ain’t working any better than any other efforts to talk.

8:57 Begin working on my taxes by installing H&R block software (User terms and agreement including voiding any and all applications for positions in the Obama Administration) I click agree and continue install

9:06 Jobless claims highest since October 1982 I check and see that there’s nothing new in my meager field.

9:09 Fox mentions WSJ article that points out the problems w Obama’s inexperienced pick for CIA chief while web wonders if he’s gonna be chopped from the list like Daschle was-err, like Daschle “chose” Panetta’s a great speaker ($700000 in speaker fees from entities that now need to be bailed out by my 6yr old daughter), but he’s not qualified to be head of the CIA during an asymetric war (let alone 3).

9:12 MSNBC just mentioned the chronic problem Democrats seem to be having paying their taxes (Daschle, Geithner, Killfer, Rangel, Dodd, and the list goes on and on). I’m reminded to go back to doing mine.

9:17 CNN reports that voters are jamming Capitol Hill phone, fax, and email w complaints about faux stimulus bill. Rasmussen reported that at most, only 37% of Americans support the bill-most believe something is needed, but support for THIS bill as a fix is dropping fast

9:39 Politico has their morning show roundup video posted. It demonstrates just how hard Obama’s Admin is taking it today. We can joke all we want, but the fact is that this country has major problems, major expectations have been built up over the past 2 years of campaigning, and those expectations are NOT BEING MET. Give him time? The man himself says there is no time to waste, but he and his admin are wasting it w screwups.

9:42 Obama warns that we need to bill our kids now so that we don’t have to bill them more later. Huh?

11:06 All showered up, fed, and wife and I have both done some more job searching. Time for a break. Let’s see what’s happening w The O [’cause it’s all about The O] Hmmm, looks like even Salon has given up fawning over the sizzlesanssteak President, and now (NOW?!!) they’re realizing that he’s got no meat on his rhetorical bones.

11:09 Wow, looks like President Obama is even writing the news himself now. He apparently doesn’t realize yet that once he took that oath…bs, promises, and pulling at heartstrings doesn’t work. Putting money in our pockets via paychecks at the end of the week…THAT works. It’s also expected (having been promised ad nauseum for years).

11:11 GEESH! Even NEWSWEEK thinks Obama has “lost control”. Any day that starts out w Politico claiming that Obama is losing the Stimulus Message War is just gonna be a bad day from the outset. Maybe (just…you know, brainstorming)…maybe if my kids were actually buying a STIMULUS bill rather than a pet project investment bill…maybe then people would be behind it a little more?

11:31 Off to grocery store for more popcorn

11:32 Watchdog group says Treasury Dept overpaid for bank stocks. Gosh, I bet those guys can’t even do their own taxes.

12:55 Wow, looky there…turns out transparency means blind. So much for President Obama’s transparency.

2:15 Back from lunch and errands. Decided that since my 4yr old is good enough for Obama to borrow a TRILLION dollars from, the little guy could damn well buy me a new car. Ford salesman said now is definitely the time to buy! He rattled off several incentives, and I was all prepped to take my brand new Mustang for a test drive when he asked, “How good is your credit? We have a special-” I interrupted and told him my son would be paying, and his credit is spotless. There was laughter, followed by his silence as Kenny and I continued (well, Kenny giggled), then the guy walked away. No new stimulus Mustang for daddy.

2:23 Job hunt. Nothing new on job sites.

2:31 CNN reports that Senators are going through my kids’ faux “stimulus” plan line by line. DAMMIT! How are non-existent companies like Green Environmental Solutions gonna get their $2500000 now?! OH! This is soooooo un-American! Now, if I’ve got the “process” down, this means that for every $2 of pork removed, $3.25 are put back in, and even though it’s a Democrat’s bill with a Democrat-President’s name on it, and Democrats have both houses of Congress, any high cost, design, nature, or anything unsavory is the Republicans’ fault, and there’s nothing the Democrats can do.

2:32 Mind is fried. Time to step away from the pc and tv for a while for a little mental tlc

3:32 You’ve got to be kidding me. Obama is tossing another tax problem candidate to the Senate? Ya know, I filled out one of those 17pg Obama Transition Applications, and it asks repeatedly and specifically about tax issues. I do my own, and I pay, but these rich morons can’t even bother to search for a decent accountant? Or are they straightup so used to lying that it just comes fluidly? Unbelievable. Ya know, on HGTV there used to be a show called, “If These Walls Could Talk,” and I often wonder that about the Oval Office. Oh the stories. Every scratch on the desk, every stain on the carpet, and every dent in the wall has got to have a story. See that one over by the door? Yeah, that’s the Harriet Myers slamdown. That one to the upper right of the window? That’s where President Obama threw his first lamp after hearing about how he tried to hire a FOURTH tax cheat! I step away from the pc again. This is crazy. I can honestly say George W Bush was never this out of control.

5:00 Back to the pc to check email. Oh man, if there is any justice in this world, if Obama has any concern for the American people he will NEVER pull Robert Gibbs from the Press Secretary job. It’s comedy gold!
I thought maybe having to take a drink every time Gibbs says, “uh” would be a fun drinking game, but really, the fun is in the long term watching. If you look at the vids from his first press briefing to the ones from today (and you will need hi-res vids to see it) the man is actually losing hair by the day. Hey, look, I probably am too, and uh at least he’s got uh a good excuse, but, uh…uh I still get a good uh…laugh
NOTE To Obama Admin: Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell was a policy for the military in terms of homosexuals serving. IT IS NOT a vetting question about taxes.

5:05 Looks like Obama’s left the White House to go to a nice resort in Williamsburg. There, he’ll meet w the Democratic Caucus, give a speech about the stimulus, and kick back. I can’t take watching it anymore. Went to and found another paper-only company getting $7million in my area. Found another $10million for landscaping around Interstate I-77. If only I knew where to apply for money, I’m sure I could’ve written some equally great piece of fiction promising to hire 1000 workers if given $10000000. Damn, another missed opportunity. Surely there will be more. This is only day 17

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