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It’s simply amazing this guy was once our President. Here is Jimmy Carter speaking about the Israeli conflict this morning:

CARTER: … We’ve had a chance to meet two times with the leaders of Hamas, both those in Gaza and those that are top leaders in Damascus, Syria.

VIEIRA: And you’ve been criticized for that, sir, because Hamas is considered a terrorist group.

CARTER: By some, they are, and they’ve done some bad things. But for instance, the year before we had the cease-fire, that I helped to orchestrate last June, the 19th, there was one Israeli killed by rockets. And on an average, 49 Palestinians killed every month during that previous year. And as soon as the cease-fire went into effect, Hamas obeyed it completely. There was no serious rocket fire during the next four or five months.

Whereas, Israel did not restore providing provisions for the Palestinians and Gaza. But Hamas has pledged to me — and publicly — that they will accept any cease-fire that is negotiated between the Fatah leader, Mahmoud Abbas, and the Israelis, provided the cease- fire, in turn, is then submitted to the Palestinian people for approval and a referendum. So, that’s a major step forward.


VIEIRA: Do you believe that Hamas can be trusted?

CARTER: Yes, I do. I think they can, because of their own self- interest, not because they’re benevolent, or kind, or that sort of thing. But yes, I do. I think they can. And they’ve never betrayed any commitment that they’ve made to me, or publicly, as a matter of fact. …

VIEIRA: But Hamas has said its goal is to destroy Israel. How can you involve them in a peace process when they said their goal is to destroy Israel? They don’t recognize Israel.

CARTER: I’m not here to defend Hamas, but to tell you what they have pledged to me, and publicly: That if any agreement is negotiated between Fatah leaders and Israel, that Hamas will accept the agreement if it’s submitted to the Palestinian people in a referendum. And that’s a very good step forward. And I think they will do that because of their own self-interest.

And Hamas complied very thoroughly with the cease-fire agreement that I had worked out for the last June the 19th. For five months, there were no rockets fired until Israel did attack Gaza again on November 4th.

He’s not here to defend Hamas? Pretty much all he did.

His logic in this case is pretty much indefensible. Hamas didn’t violate the cease fire because there was no SERIOUS rocket fire. What the hell does that mean? They continued to lob rockets into civilian areas, plain and simple. 126 rockets and 71 mortars in November alone….guess that isn’t serious. Baloney. It’s a violation of the cease fire.

Then he dismisses out of hand the fact that Hamas doesn’t recognize Israel and wants them destroyed.

David Greenberg and Stephen Hess describe Carter perfectly:

There they stood, all four living U.S. presidents at the White House, smiling and posing with the soon-to-be newest member of the club, Barack Obama. But at that historic gathering earlier this month, one member of the group, Jimmy Carter, appeared to be cut off from the rest, as if he had crashed the party but could stay if he didn’t cause any trouble.

“It was fascinating,” said Stephen Hess, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, who said the photo opportunity showed the others as clubby while Carter was a step apart. And there’s probably a good reason for that too, Hess said.

“He’s a person who has stuck his thumb in the eye of every president who has followed him,” he said.


“I think in my view, he’s jumped the shark,” said David Greenberg, a presidential historian with Rutgers University. “He passed the point of no return when he wrote the book.”

Greenberg said he believes Carter has morphed from an angry and resentful ex-president after losing to Ronald Reagan to a self-righteous man who has damaged his reputation with his acts.

“Now a lot of people don’t know or follow it closely,” he said. “They see a man who does conflict resolution and Habitat for Humanity and admire that part. And that is part of the record.

“But when you look at the whole record, with the Middle East and the meddling with other presidents’ foreign policy, I think he has, one, behaved badly and, two, discredited himself in a deep way.”

The man is an embarrassment who has meddled in every Administration since he was kicked out of office after one term. I would call him one of the principal reasons the North Korea deal went south during Clinton’s run. He ran interference for the North Koreans and they got themselves some nukes.

Whatta guy!

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