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WELCOME BACK RICH! Saturday marked the return of our fearless leader, Rich Davis, to the Sheepdog fold. He looked fit and happy to stand once again with the Sheepdogs. The Sheepdogs were a solid wall of Red, White and Blue on the steps of the Chester County Courthouse. Despite the global cooling we are experiencing, the Sheepdogs were happy to stand at the corner and celebrate America. All photos taken by the Magnificent Neocon

Our weekly rally is not complete without moment of prayer for our nation.

A detailed look at the Coin passed from Sheepdog to Sheepdog every week. A great tradition that recognizes the innate goodness in every member of our group.

I’ve never met such consistently happy and content individuals as the Sheepdogs. Everyone needs to experience the Sheepdog joy at least once in their lives! Join us every Saturday at the corner of High and Market Streets, West Chester Pa, 10:45 till Noon. With their numbers dwindling, the director of the CCPM has taken to bribing…err….”expressing gratitude” to groups such at VFP Chapter 31. Interesting to note: the VFP core group have been MIA for the rally several weeks running.

We invite each one of you on this list to send us a donation to share with our VFP31 friends by sending a check to the address below, payable to The Chester County Peace Movement, but making sure to note “Veterans for Peace” in the memo area – we will, in turn, send them a check as a token of our sincerest thanks. No donation is too small, and we hope you will acknowledge the continuing courage of our greatest citizens by contributing to this gesture of our appreciation.

Their peace protest seems pointless – unless they want to declare ‘No War in Pak-i-stan’.

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