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Thirty chilled patriots (and one patriotic dog) stood at the steps of the Chester County Courthouse this past Saturday. They braved the threat of snow to remind the public of what is good and decent about America. You can join in this celebration of America which occurs every Saturday in West Chester, Pa on the corner of High and Market Sts. 10:45 till noon!

Mike Conti shows off his Sheepdog Coin. This is a great tradition that allows the Sheepdogs to show appreciation to a fellow Sheepdog. Each week the coin is passed from one Sheepdog to another; this is a fantastic way to show love to your fellow Sheepdog. Congrats Mike!

Rich and his fabulous flag! You cannot miss this flag when driving past the intersection of High and Market Streets. It is always a delight when Rich brings his beautiful, eye catching flag.

The Sheepdogs stand for Israel:

These fools stand for nothing:

Our work is not done today….

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